14 Ways This Local Kickboxing Class Will Get You Sexy, Fast!

Do you and your main squeeze “fit” together?

Studies show couples that get fit together stick together – creating healthy bonds, learning new life skills together and busting stress in positive ways makes homes happy!

Additionally, working out boosts libido and heightens your body awareness, making for some interesting ideas on how to get in that extended calorie burn later on. You respect their hustle, they respect yours – and you get to run behind them occasionally just for the view. Nice.


But maybe you’re riding solo and want to punch all of your coupled up friends in the face….well, either way today’s your lucky day! We’re talking sweat. Drippy, salty sweat mixed with determination and a killer attitude. What could be better than that?


The #1 way to guarantee you won’t die horribly alone with a cat eating your face…


EXTRA CHEESINYup, you guessed it – Fitness Kickboxing Class! If you’re single and reading this, especially guys, fitness kickboxing class is the PERFECT place to meet people! Seriously, get off OKC and stop complaining you can’t meet anyone. It’s mind blowing how many singles flock to these classes for a healthy activity and a welcoming place to meet new friends. Plus…

It’s really hot watching your friends get all…well, hot. But it’s even hotter to see your own changes in the mirror!

Here are the 14 reasons why kickboxing is a superior workout to all others. Nothing else can help you can take control of your life faster. Couples can use it as sweat therapy, or you can use it to simply make new friends while getting fit.

 1.  Excuses don’t burn calories – but these isometrics do!


2.  Sit on it – squats strengthen your pelvic floor and make that booty pop!


3.  Bang that big ‘ol bag, leave frustrations at the gym, and get amazing arms!


#34.  All hail plyometrics! Strong, sexy, sassy


#45.  Sweat together, get together! Motivation for days, friends for life. Your confidence is so appealing…


#56.  Don’t try this at home! Grab a friend (or two!) in class and plank for washboard abs.


#67.  Have fun being on top for a change! Super(wo)man moves for a strong sexy core.


#78Swoon! He’ll have to use ALL his moves from class to fight ‘em off at happy hour later.


#89.  Drool worthy instructors and classmates with a heart of gold? Yes, please!


#910.  Glisten now so you can get glam later.


#1011.  Not sure if we’re all sweaty or just having the time of our lives…


#1112.  Wedding season ready! Future mother in law ready.


#1213.  That shine, tho! Can’t stop, won’t stop.


#1314.  Liberated by sweat, defined by hard work, loved for your spirit. Kickboxers have it all.


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