18 “Magic Bullets” for a Fat-Burning Lifestyle

A lot of products out there are presented as “magic bullets” for fat loss. The truth is, there’s only one real magic bullet.

Well… it’s really more like a ton of magic bullets.

See, the only real magic bullet for fat loss is to inject it into every area of your life. Just like you inhale & exhale through the entire day – you have to make fat loss a part of everything you do.

Now, that might seem like a daunting task. But never fear!


We’ve got you covered with 18 easy ways to get started.

1. Park far away from the entrance – of everywhere you go

2. Take stairs instead of elevators / escalators

3. Ask for a side of veggies instead of fries

4. Ask for those veggies without oil or butter

5. Plant healthy snacks everywhere you spend time (in your office… in the car… in the kid’s stroller…)

6. Drive alternate routes that don’t pass your “weak-spot” restaurants (like fast food places you just can’t resist… places like Starbucks that serve unhealthy pastries you can’t resist… etc.)

7. Put a copy of your weight loss goals everywhere you spend time (laminate a copy and tape it up in the shower… tape it to your bathroom mirror… tape it to the dashboard of your car… etc.)

8. Read one successful weight loss story a day – or read a new biography about weight loss every month

9. Come to iLoveKickboxing.com classes! 

10. Do intense 5 minute workouts throughout the day (this keeps your metabolism up all day long!)

11. Drink TONS of cold water!
(cold water requires metabolism to cool down for your body to absorb – it burns a few calories here and there! Plus, water will help your body constantly flush out waste and toxins.)

12. Walk everywhere you can instead of driving

13. If you’re only getting a few things at the store – carry a basket instead of pushing a cart (those baskets can really turn into a great workout!)

14. If you work in an office with hallways – power walk through the hallways from Point A to Point B

15. If you sit at a desk all day – do intervals of 30 seconds where you flex different parts of your body for the full 30 seconds. Set a goal of doing your entire body 4 times a day. (For example flex your abs for 30 seconds… then your buttocks… then your legs… arms… etc)

16. Stretch your muscles throughout the day (every time you think about it!). Stretching actually helps your muscles to develop. And remember: more muscle = more metabolism throughout the day.

17. Stand with tall, proud posture (good posture actually activates a lot of muscles. Muscle usage = calorie burning!)

18. Go easy on yourself if you slip up! Mistakes are PART of the process – not a sign of failure! If you mess up: accept it, learn from it, and just tell yourself it’s okay and the future is full of chances to get it right next time.

Have any other suggestions? Find something particularly helpful?

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23 Replies to “18 “Magic Bullets” for a Fat-Burning Lifestyle”

    1. Absolutely. Unfortunately, so many “weight loss” products these days say you can eat whatever you want and not exercise and still get results. Too many people get tossed around by these products until they finally realize – it takes work. It can be fun and tasty work, but it’s still work nonetheless 😉

    2. You’re totally right with this one! There isn’t anything better than knowing you put in the work to get your results. I hear so many people tell me about their “fad diets” and weight loss pills. I tell them to AVOID fad diets and diet products as they will NOT allow you to achieve your goal in the LONG term! If their claims sound too good to be true then it probably is… Remember, weight loss requires a permanent life-style change, not a quick-fix solution!! Keep working hard, Lisa! 🙂

  1. Great advice! I do lunges and calf raises all over the office. While I’m waiting for my various computer programs to load I will do knee lifts in my chair to work my abs 🙂 SOME people may think it’s silly and poke fun, but I am in better shape than them!

    1. And those same people probably ask how you get your abs so tight! 🙂 Keep doing your thing, Becky!

  2. Love all these suggestions! My job gets free lunches everyday and I had to start bringing my own lunch and snacks…. I do squats and lunges at my desk and all around the office as well. People might judge but I don’t mind… we’re the ones in better shape than them!

    1. Haha you should meet Becky M who posted earlier ;-). You two seem to have a lot in commmon! Way to go for being healthy in the face of unhealthy food–even if it’s free–and for not caring so much about what others think. I salute you on that one.

  3. This may be a dumb question…but I’m gonna ask anyway! LOL! I haven’t dropped any weight in about 2 weeks, ( which is fine) but my clothes are getting looser, for example the cargo pants I am wearing right now, I had to fold them over to keep them up, which at one time, they fit me fine, now their too big. Which, don’t get me wrong, Yay!! but, is it possible that I’m losing inches but not lbs?

    1. Haha not a dumb question at all! Weight loss can be a weird thing. Sometimes you can lose weight but appear bigger – or stay the same weight and get smaller.

      Chances are, if this is happening to you, it just means you’re adding on muscle. Fat cells are large, clunky cells that don’t weigh all that much. Muscle fiber is tight, densely packed, and heavy.

      So if you’re losing fat–and gaining muscle–your weight might not change all that much. But because muscle takes up less room – you can still shrink out of your clothes 😉

      Either that, or make sure your husband wasn’t trying on your pants and stretching them out LOL jusss kiddin’ 😉

      1. Hmmm..you may be on to something..I am gonna have to ask the boyfriend if he’s been wearing my pants!! LOL!! Ok, I was just making sure, that it’s not me being crazy that the scale hasnt’ moved but I feel small and my clothes are way looser. So, Yay!! I am happy with what I’ve lost so far in 2 months (11lbs) but Inches lost and musle is important to me too. Oh let’s face it..I want abs like Amber!!! LOL!!

    2. Hang in there!! You may feel stuck, but you’re probably still losing weight—just not enough to register on the scale. But even dropping a third of a pound per week means that in a year, you’ll be down a whole 17 pounds!! 😉

  4. Was just talking about this with my paleo boyfriend this morning as a commercial on his talk station was promoting a pill as the secret to weightloss for women over 40 – my response was, no, it’s not, it’s exercise! I discovered kickboxing and HIIT workouts after 40 and learned that I wasn’t doomed to be a big-boned curvy Irish girl, that I actually have an athlete’s body that was just undiscovered because of lack of informaton. Now? I seek out opportunities to move (like taking the stairs at the office!) and I love the way I feel eating clean!!

    1. Very cool :-). Fat loss is pretty simple like you’re saying: eat clean and exercise. But that doesn’t mean it’s always easy! Sounds like you’ve got a great partner to support you along the way though. Congrats to both of you for being such healthy, awesome people 😉

    2. Rock on Pammy! People ask me all of the time about my cardio, and tell them it’s simple; Ilovekickboxing.com classes! I don’t use those gym machines as I find them too boring. ILKB classes burn more calories while having FUN! 😉

  5. I recently joined the iLoveKickboxing.com family and I have to say I LOVE the classes. It’s a great way to get in shape & relieve stress. Take out some aggression on the bag &/or the mat. LOVE IT!!!!

    1. That is awesome!! I am glad you are enjoying the classes and having a great time with them! Keep it up! 🙂

  6. Hi to all friends this is nazari i am a kick boxer from afghanistan i love kick boxing and i need to learn more but i dont have a master to teach me if you want to help me please send me somthing like vidio or photo of kick boxing thank you !

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