Trying A Kickboxing Class? Here Are 4 Things to Expect

Whether your goal is to increase your strength, boost your confidence, hone your coordination, or simply participate in a kickass cardio workout, kickboxing is sure keep you coming back for more. By combining cardio conditioning, authentic kickboxing combinations and a supportive, high-energy group atmosphere, there’s always something exciting to look forward to when you head to the kickboxing studio.  If you’re new to ILKB, here are a few things you can expect before raising those fists for the first time.



Every I Love Kickboxing class starts with a 15-minute, HIIT warm-up. While you may initially dread the warm-up, your body will definitely thank you – it’s vital for raising your heart rate, increasing blood flow, and preventing injury and tears. You might be surprised to hear that, for many members, the once-dreaded warm-up turns into their favorite part of class after just a few weeks!



While the goal of kickboxing fitness classes is not to teach self-defense in the traditional sense, knowing you can fight off a would-be attacker with a disarming kick or punch will leave you holding yourself with a little more confidence. The authentic techniques combinations you learn and perfect at ILKB can be used in real-life practical defense applications, so pay close attention as you’re learning those punches, jabs and kicks.

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In a typical class, we use heavy bags, gloves, high-intensity interval training and partner work. While each class follows a format, new combo variations and exercises are added daily to keep things exciting – and your muscles guessing. Class starts with 15 minutes of high-intensity interval training using body weight, then is followed by stretching, six bag rounds and a speed round, some partner drills and conditioning, and final stretching.



When you become an ILKB member, you might expect to lose weight. But what you might not expect is that you gain an entire fit family! We really care about creating a community atmosphere in the group, where you don’t just come in and take a class and leave, but you connect and become friends. Classes also feature multiple instructors to help members with technique and motivation. In the end, having this strong support system holds you more accountable, sets you up for a success, and keeps you coming back for more.



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