4 Ways To Train Cardio Outside Of The Studio

Cardio is undoubtedly a very important aspect of martial arts. Therefore, training your cardio is essential to becoming a better martial artist. With better cardio comes more efficient lungs, subsequently leaving you with better endurance.

Martial arts training, for the most part, has always included both aerobic and anaerobic exercises. What this means is that you should probably be doing other cardio related work outs other than your typical jog.

For those of you looking to increase your cardiovascular endurance, look no further:


Hill Runninginclinetraining

Running in general is considered an aerobic exercise. Throw in an incline and you’ve got yourself that anaerobic element that will help boost your cardio. Running uphill will make your legs work harder against gravity, ultimately building both strength and stamina.

Sprint Interval Training

sprintSprinting is perhaps one of the most effective forms of cardio. It helps burn fat, increase muscle strength, as well as increase lung capacity. Your overall endurance will benefit greatly.

Most people begin with 10-second sprints and eventually build their way up to 30-second sprints. To really get the results you’re looking for you’re going to have to give optimal effort and take less and less recovery time as you progress.

Anaerobic Swimming

Swimming is essentially an entire body workout. Swimming causes your heart to pump harder and faster, ultimately conditioning your cardiovascular endurance.

When it comes to martial arts, swimminganaerobic, high-intensity swimming for set distances is usually what’s recommended. Anaerobic swimming will imitate the same sort of pace you’d experience in a martial arts ring. Swimming will expand your lung capacity and strengthen your body for better performance in high-intensity workouts as well.

Jumping Rope

Jumping rope is an exercise that has been utilized for years by many successful fighters. Like swimming, jumping rope is basically an entire body workout. Besides just strengthening your heart and lungs, it also works your arms, legs and core.

Although very simple, it’s known to be extremely effective. I mean, why would all those championship boxers from Ali to Mayweather be doing it? This workout is extremely popular in martial arts and boxing mostly because of its wide variety of benefits. Jumping rope can increase hand-eye coordination, agility, speed, timing, and rhythm, which can jumping-ropeeasily be applied to martial arts.

For the best results, you should jump rope at a faster pace as well as add different jump patterns to your routine. These could include but aren’t limited to side steps, high knees, doubles, and crosses. This will leave you feeling exhausted but ultimately you’re endorphins will have you feeling re-energized and it will be better for the cardiovascular endurance you’re looking to achieve.


You should remember that your mind will fail you before your body will. Developing mental toughness is more than half the battle. Always work hard when performing cardio exercises and you will find the strength to push though. These types of cardiovascular training will not only help you become a better martial artist, but an overall healthier individual as well. Don’t forget to stretch before either!


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