45 Day Transformation Contest Winners – 2017

Congratulations to the Winners of the 45 Day Transformation Contest! Check out their inspiring stories below!

7th place – Ashley Ryon​ from Bedford, TX

● 30 years old; lost 14 lbs.
● Body Fat Percentage went from 33 to 30
● Ashley was on a mission to be a future fit mom, get in shape for herself, and meet her weight loss goal of 14 pounds – happily, she did it thanks to her hard work, fun class workouts and motivational instructors at ILKB!
6th place – Melanie Smith from Tacoma, WA

● 30 years old; lost 22 lbs.
● Body Fat Percentage went from 37 to 32
● Melanie found an inner strength she never knew existed after struggling to shed her post-baby weight. She credits her amazing support system in my husband, children and my ILKB instructors for helping her achieve her goals.
5th place – Dustin Ward from Oceanside, CA

● 45 years old; lost 37 lbs.
● Body Fat Percentage went from 43 to 35
● With unwavering focus and dedication to getting in shape, Dustin says the ILKB Challenge saved him from a deep downward spiral and thanks the staff for being the lighting rod of his transformation!
4th place – Scott Chidakel from Germantown, MD

● 43 years old; lost 24 lbs.
● Body Fat Percentage went from 32 to 27
● Family lover, Scott, struggles with his passion for steak and beer. But after being rooted on by the best cheerleaders in the world (his kids!), and ILKB, he now has more ambition, tons of energy, and a better life!

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Angel Guay
ILKB Nashville, TN
Lost 27 lbs!“I am so grateful that I participated in this contest it has changed my life and made me a better person. I’m much more patient now because I don’t hurt anymore when I’m standing in line.”

Barely able to walk up a flight of stairs, depressed, and concerning her family members – Angel decided to make herself a priority and join the ILKB 45 Day Challenge. Her goals evolved from making it through the first 15 minutes alive to holding planks, doing burpees and doing squats without being in pain.

At first, her only goal was to show up. Tired of quitting all kinds of gyms, dance classes, and eating groups she decided to try ILKB. “I never felt like I fit in – but ILKB proved to be different. Everyone was so supportive of my journey and inspired me to reach goal after goal.”

Angel’s advice for future contestants: “IF I CAN DO THIS ANYONE CAN! BUT… you have to put the work in! Show up to class on a regular basis. Throw all your excuses out the window and make yourself a priority. If you don’t take care of yourself you won’t be able to take care of anyone else. ”


Tomar Pinnt
ILKB Fort Collins, CO
Lost 26 lbs!“The ILKB Instructors taught me that you exercise and eat healthy because you love your body. Not because you hate your body.”

After being in a severe car accident, Tomar knew she wanted to improve her low energy levels and get in shape. When she started the contest she could only do two burpees and only about three half tuck jumps.

“I could never do planks or even one push-up on my toes, I had to stay on my knees and could only bend my arms but maybe 15%, now I can stay on my feet during all of the planks and push-ups and go down over 50% of the way!’

With the bag rounds, her endurance has almost tripled, and her coordination has improved so much. Now she can last the entire 3 min round of punching and kicking her heavy bag without stopping and has gained flexibility as well.

“I lost on my entire body a total of 30 inches! My entire body feels like a completely different body!”

Tomar’s advice for future contestants: “There are a lot of resources, help, motivation, support, and inspiration available to you with ILKB, take advantage of them, use them – they will help you.”


Jim Unis
ILKB Saugus, MA
Lost 34 lbs!“The supportive staff, competitive and team environment of the kickboxing classes, helped me keep going. Without the class, there is no way I would have been able to lose 34 pounds in 45 days!”

All-American, Jim Unis, was recruited by every D1 football program in the country. Being projected to go to the NFL early, his career was cut short at Boston College due to concussions.

Struggling with daily migraines, depression, and a lack of motivation to stay healthy – things really spiraled out of control for Jim after his son, Jack was born. Ballooning up to 340 pounds, suffering with sleep apnea, chest pains, and low self-esteem, Jim knew he had to make changes for himself and his family.

“ILKB reminded me of what it felt like to be on a team again!” With the support of his family and the motivating environment of the iLoveKickboxing, Jim was able to push through. Every fun and engaging class, helped him move closer to achieving his goals.

Jim’s advice for future contestants: “Just show up, iLoveKickboxing will do the rest! Listen to the instructors and go to class at least 3 to 4 times a week and you will see results. The harder you work, the more results you will see. Also, watch what you eat. Nutrition is huge!”

 Stay tuned for our next 45 Day Contest this fall!

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