Win $5,000! The 2015 iLoveKickboxing Body Transformation Contest!

Registration Opens September 1, 2015! Registration Ends September 9, 2015!

Register now at this link:
Contest Registration.

The 3rd Annual 45-DayBody Transformation Contest is here. It starts Sep. 1, 2015, so if you’re serious about burning fat, getting healthy, and transforming your body, mind & life – read on. This is for you…

By the way… There are 10 prizes in total! They range from $5,000 to $100. Details are in this blog post…


The 45-Day Body Transformation Challenge is designed to help all contestants win. How? Because whether or not you win prizes, you win weight loss, health & FUN.

(With that said, there are some pretty awesome prizes! Read on for details.)

You get added accountability. You get a new community amongst all competitors. And you get to watch your body change before your eyes.

Or, as our Brand Ambassador Teresa Oxford puts it…

Keeping motivated is essential for growth.

Although a lot of motivation lies within – everyone needs encouragement, and healthy competition gives you the opportunity to make the friends you need to help each other grow.

And it holds you more accountable. After all, in a place where “everybody knows your name”, they also know when you’ve missed a workout! Building a support system for those who enter the contest will provide a sense of security. Even though it’s a competition – together we all succeed.

Transformations are judged in 3 ways:

  1. Change in appearance
  2. Pounds lost
  3. Personal growth

Notice that how many pounds you lose is NOT the deciding factor! It’s just one factor. That’s because someone who is very overweight can lose pounds much more easily than someone who is not very overweight. That’s why we judge transformations in more in-depth ways.

The following are instructions and information on each part.

Part I: Appearance

To judge your appearance, you will take a photograph at the start and end of the contest (before & after photos). 

Your photographs must be with a newspaper!

This is the only way we can verify when the photo was taken.

Follow these sample pictures to take your own pictures.

Guidelines for Women:

– Two-piece swimsuit is acceptable
– Sports bra and short gym shorts (like in the picture) are acceptable

Guidelines for Men:

– No shirt
– Short gym shorts are acceptable
– Boxer briefs are acceptable

“Why such a strict dress code?”

To judge your transformation accurately, we need to see it! This is really the only way.

Photos must be taken no earlier than September 1. 

Part II: Pounds Lost

This one is pretty self-explanatory. You weigh yourself at the very beginning of the contest, and at the end. Then, you tell us how many pounds lighter you are ;-).

Part III: Your Story

Finally, at the end of the contest, you’ll record a video of yourself as well as write your thoughts talking about any personal transformations you encountered throughout the challenge. If you dealt with painful emotions, experienced a newfound freedom, broke through food addictions, conquered challenges and cravings or anything else – this is the place to share it.

Video + Written are MANDATORY as some people are better at expressing themselves in writing, and others in speech.

Here are some questions to help you along:

– What motivated you to buckle down and lose the weight NOW?
– Why now? Why this contest? What changed?
– What obstacles did you overcome to make it through the challenge?
– How do you feel now? Are you proud of yourself? Are you disappointed?
– What kind of results did you get? How many pounds did you lose? What changes did your body undergo?

Don’t hold back! Your story is just as important as your physical results.

Also, make sure you’re wearing your branded gloves and any apparel you have (i.e. t-shirt). 

You can use a smart phone, web cam, or camcorder. Film yourself in GOOD lighting. Don’t film yourself in a dark room, for example. Outside, in natural sunlight, is best.

It’s okay if you don’t have a high-quality camera. What’s important is your message.

The Prizes 😉

Let’s not forget the amazing prizes.

– 1st Place: $5,000!
– 2nd Place: $1,000
– 3rd Place: $500

But it doesn’t stop there…

– 4th, 5th & 6th place: $200
–  7th, 8th, 9th & 10th place: $100

There are 10 prizes in total!

Entering the Contest & Submitting Your Results

On Sept. 1, the registration link at the beginning of this post will go live!

That website will have everything you need to enter the contest, upload your photos and submit your results.

Start + End Dates

The contest begins: September 1, 2015 at 12:00am EST (You have until September 9th to register though!)

The contest ends: October 15, 2015 at 11:59pm EST

Deadline for turning in your photos and other deliverables: Wednesday, September 9, 11:59pm EST

You can enter the contest late, but you can’t finish late!

Cost = FREE!

You just have to be an member! But there are no added costs on top of your membership to participate.

Required Workouts.

An average of 2 workouts per week are required. This means that to qualify for the contest, you must attend 12 ILKB classes throughout the 6 weeks of the contest.

Why a required number of workouts? The point of the contest is to give you extra accountability to help you reach your goals. By setting this guideline, you’re ensuring that you’ll attend at least 2 classes per week.

KEYS for Success

Nutrition is key for doing well in the transformation. In fact, someone who ate right their entire life, and never exercised, would look much better than someone who exercised daily and ate junk food every day!

Think about that. Nutrition + exercise is the winning combination. But nutrition is just as important–if not more so–than exercise.

Exercise is still CRITICAL though. We recommend no less than 3 workouts per week for the competition. has prepared this guide for you to help you make the right food choices throughout the challenge.

Click to download the meal plan & nutrition guide: iLoveKickboxing Nutrition Guide & Meal Plan


Whether or not you win any prizes, the most important thing you will win is HEALTH, toned muscle, and ENERGY. You can’t lose in this contest.

You can either win, or win and get awesome prizes too ;-).

Try your hardest. It’s just 45 days out of your life. Buckle down for these 45 days, and give it all that you’ve got. If you need help, your instructors will be happy to help keep you motivated and inspired every step of the way.

45 days from September 1, you can look back and think, “Woohoo! I actually did it!” Or you can think, “I wish I did it.”

Which will it be? The ball’s in your court.

We’ve got your back, like always. If you need support, encouragement or advice, we’re here for you.


Post them below!

Good Luck!!!

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70 Replies to “Win $5,000! The 2015 iLoveKickboxing Body Transformation Contest!”

    1. Hey Amanda!

      You can start the contest on a trial membership, then if you decide to stay onboard with a full membership, you can stay in the race for the rest of the 45 days 🙂

      Good luck!! So happy to hear you’re thinking of joining. It’s truly life-changing.

  1. I’m going on vacation for the first week of September. If I complete the overall number of workouts required, would I still be eligible in the contest even if I don’t do any Ilovekickboxing workouts the first week?


  2. I attend Ilovekickboxing in Columbus GA. I would love to participate in this contest however, I will be on vacation out of the country the week of Oct 3-9 which is during the contest. Since I would not be able to do my 2 classes this week, could I still participate as long as I make up those 2 classes in another week ? Just want to make sure before signing up.

  3. Just had 2 questions;
    Is this a nationwide contest?
    Is the winner determined partly by number of pounds lost or percent body weight lost? As that can be a big difference for both women and men.

    1. Nationwide!!

      From the article:

      “Transformations are judged in 3 ways:

      “Change in appearance
      “Pounds lost
      “Personal growth

      “Notice that how many pounds you lose is NOT the deciding factor! It’s just one factor.

      “That’s because someone who is very overweight can lose pounds much more easily than someone who is not very overweight. That’s why we judge transformations in more in-depth ways.”

  4. I am looking forward to the competition for my own personal growth.I am in my 60’s.So if it works for me it can work for anybody.Wish me luck.

  5. I want to join the challenge, do I register at my ILK gym? Also, I can’t start my workouts until next week, is that ok?

  6. I tried to register and it uploaded the wrong picture. I saved all the pictures I took but it uploaded one without the newspaper. What should I do??

    1. Hey Stephanie!

      Memberships range from $125 – $149 / month.

      To make sure you love the program though, we offer a risk-free special of 3 classes + FREE gloves ($45 value) for just $19.99.

      For the contest, we’re actually offering 50% off that special to inspire you even more to join 🙂

      Just head to, find a location near you, enter promo code “TRANSFORM” at checkout 🙂

      So happy to hear you’re thinking of joining 🙂 It truly is life changing.

  7. Will you get penalize for only attending 2 session per week? My location just opened up and there is only 2 days during the week that have early class session.

  8. I wanted to make sure that my information was recorded prior to 12. I was rushing then I wasn’t allowed back in. Sorry for the bother. I want to win. I know that I can!

  9. How can I tell if I’m good to go, I can’t log in again, and I registered online on the first, it doesn’t send me a reset password l ink when I try to reset my password either.


  10. I am just getting this email on Sept 2. Can I still join contest? I would have to take my pic today which obviously isn’t between August 25-29?

  11. How do you know for sure if your registration was complete? I never got a confirmation email. I did get an email saying that it wasn’t complete and so I went back on and did it a second time. I keep getting emails asking me to sign up and saying it’s not too late.

  12. I remembered late last night and didnt find a newspaper with the date Sept 1st date…can i use todays date and and still enter if we have till the 5th?

  13. Hi there! I entered the contest… but I don’t have a newspaper… so I pulled up the front page of the Boston Globe that says the date on my iPad and took a pic that way. Is that acceptable? I just don’t want to be disqualified but thought that might work. Thanks!

    1. Hi Jessica,

      Unfortunately we cannot accept that as anyone can load up any newspaper from any date on their iPad.

      With that said, you have until Sep. 9 to register! So go grab a newspaper, re-take your pic, and you’re all set 🙂

      Good luck!!!

  14. I got a pop up window letting me know my registration was complete but did not get an email confirming. Should I get an email or am I all set?

  15. Do you have to be able to see the date of the newspaper in the photo? It is not very discernable in my photo due to the red and white lettering, no matter how many times I tried…

  16. I’m 41 turning 42 & am ready to change my life of bad habits and reach a point of clarity. Starting with the transformation of my body, mind & Soul. I’m pushing myself beyond limits I thought were impossible for me. After 2 classes at ILKB and making it through both I know my change starts here. Let’s do this. Believe, Achieve and BREAK FREE of boundaries! Tina T.

  17. Hi.
    Could you pls tell me address/location closest to
    Me? I live in Gonzales on Burnside close to Hwy. 33.
    Also what is the cost and the schedule?

    Best Regards,
    Dawn M.

  18. Am I supposed to get an email to confirm my registration? I haven’t received anything and want to make sure I am registered.

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