Win $5,000! The 2nd Annual iLoveKickboxing Body Transformation Contest!

Registration Opens August 25, 2014!

On that date, registration will be open at this link:
Contest Registration.

The 2nd Annual 45-DayBody Transformation Contest is here. It starts August 25, 2014, so if you’re serious about burning fat, getting healthy, and transforming your body, mind & life – read on. This is for you…

By the way… There are 10 prizes in total! They range from $5,000 to $100. Details are in this blog post…


The 45-Day Body Transformation Challenge is designed to help all contestants win. How? Because whether or not you win prizes, you win weight loss, health & FUN.

(With that said, there are some pretty awesome prizes! Read on for details.)

You get added accountability. You get a new community amongst all competitors. And you get to watch your body change before your eyes.

Transformations are judged in 3 ways:

  1. 1. Change in appearance
  2. 2. Pounds lost
  3. 3. Personal growth

Notice that how many pounds you lose is NOT the deciding factor! It’s just one factor. That’s because someone who is very overweight can lose pounds much more easily than someone who is not very overweight. That’s why we judge transformations in more in-depth ways.

The following are instructions and information on each part.

Part I: Appearance

To judge your appearance, you will take a photograph at the start and end of the contest (before & after photos). 

Your photographs must be with a newspaper!

This is the only way we can verify when the photo was taken.

Follow these sample pictures to take your own pictures.

Guidelines for Women:

– Two-piece swimsuit is acceptable
– Sports bra and short gym shorts (like in the picture) are acceptable

Guidelines for Men:

– No shirt
– Short gym shorts are acceptable
– Boxer briefs are acceptable

“Why such a strict dress code?”

To judge your transformation accurately, we need to see it! This is really the only way.

Photos must be taken no earlier than August 25. 

Part II: Pounds Lost

This one is pretty self-explanatory. You weigh yourself at the very beginning of the contest, and at the end. Then, you tell us how many pounds lighter you are ;-).

Part III: Your Story

Finally, at the end of the contest, you’ll record a video of yourself talking about any personal transformations you encountered throughout the challenge. If you dealt with painful emotions, experienced a newfound freedom, broke through food addictions, conquered challenges and cravings or anything else – this is the place to share it.

A video recording is mandatory! You may ALSO send a written piece in addition if you’d like.

Here are some questions to help you along:

– What motivated you to buckle down and lose the weight NOW?
– Why now? Why this contest? What changed?
– What obstacles did you overcome to make it through the challenge?
– How do you feel now? Are you proud of yourself? Are you disappointed?
– What kind of results did you get? How many pounds did you lose? What changes did your body undergo?

Don’t hold back! Your story is just as important as your physical results.

Also, make sure you’re wearing your branded gloves and any apparel you have (i.e. t-shirt). 

You can use a smart phone, web cam, or camcorder. Film yourself in GOOD lighting. Don’t film yourself in a dark room, for example. Outside, in natural sunlight, is best.

It’s okay if you don’t have a high-quality camera. What’s important is your message.

The Prizes 😉

Let’s not forget the amazing prizes.

– 1st Place: $5,000!
– 2nd Place: $1,000
– 3rd Place: $500

But it doesn’t stop there…

– 4th, 5th & 6th place: $200
–  7th, 8th, 9th & 10th place: $100

There are 10 prizes in total!

Entering the Contest & Submitting Your Results

On August 25th, the registration link at the beginning of this post will go live!

That website will have everything you need to enter the contest, upload your photos and submit your results.

Start + End Dates

The contest begins: August 25, 2014 at 12:00am EST

The contest ends: October 9, 2014 at 11:59pm EST

Deadline for turning in your photos and other deliverables: August 29, 11:59pm EST

You can enter the contest late, but you can’t finish late!

Cost = FREE!

You just have to be an member!

Required Workouts.

An average of 2 workouts per week are required. This means that to qualify for the contest, you must attend 12 ILKB classes throughout the 6 weeks of the contest.

KEYS for Success

Nutrition is key for doing well in the transformation. In fact, someone who ate right their entire life, and never exercised, would look much better than someone who exercised daily and ate junk food every day!

Think about that. Nutrition + exercise is the winning combination. But nutrition is just as important–if not more so–than exercise.

Exercise is still CRITICAL though. We recommend no less than 3 workouts per week for the competition. has prepared this guide for you to help you make the right food choices throughout the challenge.

Click to download the meal plan & nutrition guide: iLoveKickboxing Nutrition Guide & Meal Plan


Whether or not you win any prizes, the most important thing you will win is HEALTH, toned muscle, and ENERGY. You can’t lose in this contest.

You can either win, or win and get awesome prizes too .

Try your hardest. It’s just 45 days out of your life. Buckle down for these 45 days, and give it all that you’ve got. If you need help, your instructors will be happy to help keep you motivated and inspired every step of the way.

45 days from August 25, you can look back and think, “Woohoo! I actually did it!” Or you can think, “I wish I did it.”

Which will it be? The ball’s in your court.

We’ve got your back, like always. If you need support, encouragement or advice, we’re here for you.


Post them below!

Good Luck!!!

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113 Replies to “Win $5,000! The 2nd Annual iLoveKickboxing Body Transformation Contest!”

      1. The question is – I’m out of the country sept 19-27, ill miss a week at ILKB. Will that disqualify me if I still do 12 or more ILKB workouts??

        I REALLY want to enter, but don’t want to be disqualified if I don’t log two workouts during that one week.
        Thank you

  1. Do you have to sign up for a month or a certain period of time? Can you drop in for a workout? Also, If i can’t make it to the mroning class, will i be able to join the evening one?

    1. Hey Far,

      You just have to have our monthly unlimited membership or class card (where you pre-purchase a package of workouts that you can use over time).

      Schedules vary by location, but with either membership you can go to morning and evening workouts!

  2. I’m confused by the deadline date of August 29 to have our photos in by. We need to submit initial photos my then? So when is the deadline for the ending photos and video? I ask because I leave for vacation on oct 8th.

  3. Hello – I would love to enter this contest, but I really don’t have any pounds to lose – rather I’m really wanting to tighten and tone… and even gain a few pounds in muscle. I think that would probably really reduce my chances of winning?

    1. Hey DJ,

      Pounds lost is only one of three categories that we rate contestants on. Last year the top 3 winners were NOT the ones who lost the most pounds!

      They did have dramatic transformations though, both inside and out 🙂

        1. Hi Lauren!

          Consent is granted at the time of signing up for the contest. It’s listed in the contest terms.

          We share contest success stories to help inspire others to follow in your and the other contestants’ footsteps so we can get the world healthier and fitter than ever. That’s what it’s all about 🙂

  4. Can I do a different fitness program coupled with my kickboxing classes, or am I only allowed to do kickboxing for the 45 days?

  5. Id really like to participate. Does the 3 class web special consider you a member? Are you associated at all with FMA in river edge?

    1. Hi Aneisha!

      A Web Special is a trial membership. To join the contest you need a full membership (either monthly unlimited membership or class card).

      It looks like FMA used to be part of ILKB but no longer is!

  6. I am super excited for the contest to begin I have only been a member for just a little under 2 weeks and I can already see a difference in the way my clothes fit. I have never done a workout in which I am excited for 5:00 PM everyday this is such a mental high that I can’t really put into words how it makes me feel but it is a release that I look forward to at the end of a stressful day at work. I totally look forward to my ILKB classes each week and I am going to do my best to bring home the win for the Carl Place ILKB studio. Good Luck Everyone!!!

  7. If you buy a limited amount of classes, that does not necessarily mean you are a member, correct?
    What does the membership include? Is it a monthly fee and unlimited classes?

    1. Hey Melissa! 🙂

      I would definitely contact the location nearest you for more exact membership details. In a nutshell, there are two membership options:

      Monthly unlimited (pretty self-explanatory) and Class Cards. With class cards, you pre-purchase a package of classes that you can use at your discretion (note: this is not the web special or Groupon!)

  8. hey, it says you need to take a picture of the newspaper on august 25th, i will be in camp from august 25-28th, is it possible if i could take a picture of the 24th instead, because in camp they won’t have any newspapers.

    1. Hi Andrea!

      Unfortunately, it would be impossible for us to determine your true transformation, which is what the contest is really all about!

      The above dress code is so we can see your changes and give you credit where credit is due 🙂

  9. Just curious how many locations are part of this challenge? And does each location have its own winners or is it all together?

  10. Hmmm. I’m 66 years old. Do I qualify? Am I going to be surrounded by gorgeous beautiful blonds who think they need to lose weight. I took boxing when I was younger, My father was a heavy weight boxer and he taught me quite a bit. I am interested but hesitant about my age and also taking a picture in a two piece outfit.

  11. As far as weighing in on the 1st day, does it have to be done at the studio? How do people register their beginning weights (honestly, of course)?

    1. Hi Virginia!

      Weigh-ins are on the honor system, which means they do not have to be done at the studio.

      However, because we closely look over photos and written / video stories, it is very easy to spot fakes. The pros here at ILKB have been helping people transform their bodies for literally decades, so we’ve seen it all 🙂

  12. First, I’m BEYOND excited to do this challenge. I am trying to be in summer body mode all year!!!! One question though: How do you verify when the photo is taken? Can i just have a time stamp on the photo or must a current day paper be held up similar to those in the photos of previous winners?

  13. So, if you don’t win in any of the categories then does that mean your photo won’t be put on display at the end of the contest?

  14. Hi! I am trying to talk myself into accepting this challenge. A little while ago, I did an I Love Kickboxing intro class at the Alpha Martial Arts in Seattle. When I search the page for locations in the Seattle area, only the Kirkland and Woodinville locations pop up. Does becoming a member at AMA and doing the ilovekickboxing classes they offer count for the purposes of this contest? Thanks!

  15. Is it only for new members or old members can do the contest as well because I want try the special before I want to do the contest so I’m asking for future references as in doing next year since I will be missing this year contest

    1. Hey Sammie,

      ANY member can join the contest! New or old 🙂

      If you convert from a web special into a full member during the contest you are still eligible as long as you register for the contest before August 29th!

  16. Hi, I just signed up for the challenge but I can’t upload my photo until this evening, did I sign up too soon? Can I add the photo later?

  17. I just completed the form to register for the 45 day challenge. The ilovekickboxing location I go to was not an option on the list so I chose the closest to that, is this acceptable? Also I didn’t receive an e-mail confirmation or anything so I want to be sure I filled out the form correctly.

    Thank you for the opportunity and extra push/motivation!

      1. I filled out all the info as indicated. But it would only allow me to load 1 pic. It would only switch my pic when I would attempt to add the other 2. Are 3 pics required for the contest??

  18. I am pretty sure I registered last night. Should I receive an email confirming that I was entered into the contest? Also, I work out at the Quincy, MA ilovekickboxing, but it only gave the option for Boston is that considered the same?

  19. I’m just checking. I already turned in a photo, but i didn’t realize i needed to have a newspaper in it. Should i retake it and submit another entry?

  20. How secure are the pictures that we submit? I’m not a fan of taking or posting pictures, and so the picture part is the make-it or break-it factor for me. If the pictures are kept secure and private, then I may just do this. Thanks.

  21. I signed up and then realized the photo I submitted is wrong. I had a tshirt on and calf leg pants. How can I change the photo?

  22. The gym I am at is not really aware of the 45 day challenge but it is one of the locations on the site. How do I make sure my classes get accounted for, basically I don’t get left out.

    1. Hey LaTrell!

      The contest is run through corporate HQ 🙂 Not all locations are promoting it / participating – but ALL iLoveKickboxing members are eligible regardless. Just make sure you get your classes in and we’ll contact your location to verify should you win!

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