5 Healthy Recipe Sites to Dominate Your Feed

Has this ever happened to you?

You see a recipe online but when you try to do it yourself, you run the risk of going viral as an epic fail.

Cooking by itself is a daunting task if you don’t know the first thing about chopping an onion. But what’s even scarier is learning how to cook when you’re trying to live a healthy lifestyle.

Don’t let this be you?



Eating healthy and working out are a magic duo. You can’t have one without the other and expect the results you’re striving for to be great.

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that I am not a cook. I’ll also admit that I have a pretty bad sweet tooth and totally love food.

When I started training, it was difficult to transition from eating Fruity Pebbles, pizza, and ice cream to eating healthy balanced meals because I did not know what to make. I was also going to school and working full time so I found every excuse not to make time to prepare my meals.

So I started doing a little research.

I found some sites that were either too vegan, too gluten free, or I’m not sorry to say, too bland.

Just steamed chicken?

Not even a pinch of salt?

I’ll pass.

Then I started following some pages that I really liked. It was allllll good until they would post something like this…


Come on now. Give me break!

It was hard enough saying no to the side of french fries when I’m out to dinner. Why was this being shoved in my face on my newsfeed?

I can now look at this and laugh it off without running out my apartment to the nearest Burger King.

But back then it would have been a different story.

Thanks to these Five Social Media pages, I learned little by little just how easy it is to cook and eat healthy.

They’ll help you become a pretty good cook too. Check them out…

Video Meals: @videomeals


This one here is my ultimate favorite. Average guy Slim created the site for when he didn’t know what to cook or get at the grocery store. His 15 sec videos show step by step how easy, simple, and healthy eating can be. In just minutes you’ll learn how to make anything from pumpkin protein muffins to lettuce tacos.

It’s my go to for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Seriously. I’ve made so many meals off this page that I can personally say you’ll love how everything tastes. So much so you yourself will end up saying “and there you have it.”


Rawsome Treats: @rawsometreats

I guess I’m a little bias since I train with the founder of this healthy indulgence site, but then again I truly believe and love everything she makes.

Watt Sriboonruang’s pies, smoothies, and goodies that range from macaroons to candy, you heard right candy, are to die for without it actually killing your insides. All of her recipes are raw. No baking required. Why? Because as she explains on her site, “Cooking plant based ingredients destroys the vital and essential nutrients that these fruits, vegetables, and nuts possess.  It has been our passion and our goal is to maintain the necessary enzymes, vitamins, and minerals in our treats, in order to nourish our body.”

Eating sweets has never been any sweeter.


Massy Arias: @massy.arias



Massy Arias is a force to reckon with. Formally known as Mankofit, this coach shares everything about her healthy lifestyle. From quick workouts to her grocery shopping lists, Arias encourages her followers to start eating healthy and to love life while doing it.

Arias has motivated 2million followers who might not be used to carrying their meals everywhere they go or asking a waiter to not cook their meals with any bad oils. She’ll encourage you too with her little happy dance at the end of her videos.


SkinnyTaste: @skinnytaste


Rice and beans anyone?

This site won me over when creator Gina Homolka shared her Puerto Rican inspired recipe. For the longest I thought I had to give up one of the meals I grew up with because you know to be healthy you have to eat salads everyday. Wrong! So wrong. This recipe and others such as her Turkey Chili Taco Soup prove that you don’t have to give up any of the good stuff to be healthy.

Her site has everything from Chicken Recipes to Gluten Free Recipes to Holiday Recipes. And that’s not all. So if you’re anyone who’s just looking to eat healthy, SkinnyTaste has something here for you.


FitMen Cook@fitmencook

Only 3 ingredients! When I got back from yoga tonight, I was pretty hungry. I kept it "light" by making banana-protein waffles. Ingredients: 1 scoop @cellucor cor-performance whey + 2 eggs + 1 medium banana. I mixed everything together in a blender and then poured it onto my waffle iron. Approx macros: 390 calories, 40g protein, 33g carbs (29g from banana), 10g fat. You can also use egg whites instead of whole eggs. I added a small handful of blueberries and 2 strawberries, and a little turmeric and cinnamon to enhance the flavor. Boom. (traduccion abajo) —– Solo 3 ingredientes! Acabo de regresar de mi clase de yoga y tenía mucha hambre. Yo no quería comer mucho así que preparé gofres proteína de banana. Ingredientes: 1 cucharada de proteina de suero de cor-performance de @cellucor + 2 huevos + 1 banana mediana. Mezclé todo junto en una licuadora y añadí a la plancha de gofres. Datos nutricionales: 390 calorías, proteína 40g, carbos 33g (29g de la banana), grasa 10g. Añadí un puñado de arándanos y 2 fresas, y también puse cúrcuma y canela en la masa para mejorar el sabor. Bum.

A post shared by Kevin [ FitMenCook™ ] (@fitmencook) on

Kevin Curry makes eating healthy look like you’re not eating healthy at all…and that’s a good thing! From Cheesy Butternut Squash Mac & Cheese to an Avocado Egg Salad, this guy right here will have you wondering why you never ate healthy before.

You can also find recipes for salad dressings, sandwich spreads and infused water (because I know we all want a little pop in our H20 sometimes). What’s cool too is that he categorizes some of his recipes beyond the general breakfast, lunch, and dinner and labels them as pre or post workout and even kid friendly. You read that right mom and dads.


So there you have it guys!


Eating and cooking healthy doesn’t have to be bland. It doesn’t have to be hard either. These sites will  show you how while also help you to develop healthy eating habits and improve your kitchen skills.

You’ll be so proud of your meals, you won’t even second guess sharing it on your Facebook or Instagram.

Now one more thing…what’s your favorite site to follow?





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