5 Snacks that BURN fat, fast.

“Snacks” is kind of a “bad word” in the fat loss world. Usually it means cookies… chocolates… pastries… and a ton of other unhealthy things that go straight to your hips!

However – snacking can actually help you BURN fat.

In fact, it’s pretty essential to burning fat.

And did you know… there are actually foods out there that have so few calories, your body actually burns calories by digesting and processing them?

It’s true! And no, these aren’t some chemical-filled foods with that icky “fat-free” after taste.

These are some of the healthiest,
freshest foods on the planet.

They’re known as “negative calorie foods” because you burn calories by eating them. They’re full of vitamins, and will leave you feeling rejuvenated, refreshed, and alert.

In addition, these foods are so full of water that they’re very filling. Water is actually one of the most filling foods on the planet.

1. Celery

Total Calories in 1, 12″ Strip: 10

fat burning celery

Celery, being mostly water, will hydrate you while helping your body in so many ways. In fact, it’s been known to lower cholesterol… blood pressure… and stabilize your body’s pH (this is how acidic your blood is).

It also relieves inflammation in the body, so if you suffer from arthritis or other inflammation-related conditions, it could really help to provide you with relief.

2. Oranges

Total Calories in 1 Orange: 62


Oranges have so many wonderful health benefits. Aside from being “negative calorie”, they’re also high in fiber. Fiber is what helps clean out your body from unwanted cholesterol, and cleans your digestive system out in general.

A clear, clean digestive system means things get broken down more efficiently. Unwanted food parts get discarded, and nutrition is absorbed.

Tip: You can increase the fiber in oranges by not peeling off every string from the peel. Those strings are pure fiber!

3. Beets

Total Calories in 1 Beet: 35

beet snacks

Beets are very powerful veggies for detoxifying your body. They help clear toxins and other “bad stuff” from your blood, and replenish your cells with minerals and healthy, natural sugars.

4. Carrots

Total Calories in 1 Large Carrot: 30


Carrots, like oranges, are high in fiber (to see why fiber is awesome for burning fat, scroll up to oranges).

They also contain beta-carotene, a powerful, healthy substance that’s been tested to prevent cancer. And as we’ve all been told, carrots help your eyes to function healthily & easily.

5. Pineapple

Total Calories in 1 Cup, Diced: 78


Pineapples are not only super-tasty… but they also help with digestion and energy production. They’ve been shown to help your body produce energy more efficiently & easily. Some foods drain your body of energy to digest & absorb… but pineapple actually helps your cells to do the opposite!

Okay, well that’s it for now! These foods are easy and fast to prepare (I mean you basically just rinse them off! Or maybe do a little bit of chopping) and will help your body burn fat…

While filling you with tons of awesome nutrients and health benefits.

They’re best raw!

But if you’re craving a cooked snack…

Heat them up, steam them, or stick them in the oven on parchment paper. Parchment paper lets you heat things up without using oil. Food doesn’t stick to it, and it’s all-natural.

Oil such as olive oil is very healthy for you, but if you’re really watching your calorie-intake on your snacks, leave it out.

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  1. What i also love is Kale chips! pop fresh rinse and dry kale tossed with olive oil and sea salt in oven for 20 min at 300 degrees yum 🙂

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