5 ways to stay hydrated this summer without drinking water


It’s the # 1 beverage we should be having each and everyday.

It hydrates us, it aids in our digestion and even kicks our energy way up.

If you didn’t know already, drinking water is crucial to our fitness success. We need it to act as a lubricant to our joints so we can continue to throw our kicks. We need it to transport oxygen throughout our body so we can breathe easily during our burpees. We even need water to help us sweat during and after our classes.

You read that right! You want to sweat because it indicates our bodies are cooling off.

The amount of water you should be drinking will depend on your height and weight (check apps like WaterMinder, FitBit, and IHydrate to learn exactly how much. They also send you reminders as to when to drink water. I use them all the time!) original-shutterstock_393786253

But staying hydrated doesn’t mean you have to drink gallons and gallons of water.

I mean, can you even describe the flavor of water?

If you’re one of those people who just can’t stand drinking water all the time, consider adding some more fruits and vegetable to your diet.

Some fruits and veggies are composed of so much water that they can actually help you stay hydrated. Plus some of them reduce the risk of heart disease and give you and your body some of the most essential nutrients.

So which ones should you be going for? Here is a list of the top five fruits and veggies that will keep you hydrated throughout the summer. You might even end up with some sweet ideas of what to bring on your next beach day.



My ultimate favorite. Made up of 92% water (I mean it’s in the name), watermelons are also packed with vitamins A, B6 and C, and amino acids which are essential for post-workout recovery.



Not to beat the watermelon but the cucumber takes the lead with it mostly being 96% water. One bite of a cucumber and you also get magnesium, potassium, and silicon which are great for your skin. You can even place it on your skin after a long day at the beach as it cools off sunburns.



I’m sure this one is already a fan favorite but did you know strawberries are made up of 92% water?  That’s right. They are also a great source of Vitamin C which promotes eye health, prevents cancer and boosts immunity. So go ahead have another chocolate dipped strawberry.



Only a few calories and broccoli is made up of 91% water. It also aids in the detoxifying of your body and may even help you look younger. Need I say more?



You know those little orange cubes you see packed up in the fruit aisle that you never go for? Yea that’s cantaloupe. Give them a try. They’re 90% water and have 100% the daily intake you need of Vitamin A and C. They even have more potassium in them than bananas. No wonder they’re considered a superfood.


So go ahead. Give these fruits and veggies a try and feel yourself get less and less thirsty this summer.

Now remember, that’s not to say you should stop drinking water. Water is still important for our bodies. Every time we sweat in class we have to replenish. After all, our bodies are made up of more than 50% water.

Instead mix it up. With every cup of water have a cup of fruit. You can even add these fruits to your water for some extra antioxidants and flavor.

Kiss those store bought flavored water goodbye. It’s all sugar anyways.

Well maybe we won’t put broccoli in our water. Let’s keep that as a side dish 😉

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