7 Hilarious Ways Fitness Kickboxing Will Wreck Your Life!

Oh the workouts we love to hate. Fitness kickboxing tops the list of workout frenemies for sure!

Check out these hilarious ways the intense cardio, body sculpting, muscle toning insanity that is fitness kickboxing will wreck your bod – then build epic smoking hotness from the sweaty embers.


#1. Your friends will be sick of hearing humble brags. But that’s ok…your arms look amazing!

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#2. Your afterburn should be from starting the day with an awesome kickboxing class…not from the sketchy food truck down the street.


#3. More core, more power! Even if you can’t see your abs at first, you’ll feel their power in no time! Especially when you cough after that first core workout, ouch!


#4. Dem legs tho! Sure, you can’t go up stairs, sit, or stand for too long with friends but you look fabulous in those jeans!


#5. Your underwear won’t fit. Between getting super sweaty on the regular and having to buy smaller, sexier under thingies…you might be doing laundry for a while. A long while.


#6. If your lack of burpees has gotten to threat level orange, kickboxing warm ups will fix you right up…and then tear your ass down. Enjoy the burn, your pants will thank you.


#7. Oh the cheat meal feels! You hate to admit it but this is the best thing about working out…so go ahead and enjoy, you’ve earned it!


Can you relate to any of these or have some hilarious moments of your own? Hit us up on Facebook to see some pics of real-life fitness kickboxing heroes. Grinding. Sweating. Conquering the day.

We can’t wait to see you struggling to brush your teeth after a round of heavy bag punching drills soon!

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  1. Best decision i ever made
    Ive lost 15lbs in 2 months. I’ve never felt so motivated about anything else in my life till i joined ilkb. Im 63 and i keep up with the best of them. Your never too old

    Susan K

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