9 Tricks That’ll Make Your Workout a Treat

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, sticking to your workouts…well, it doesn’t work out. That’s why ILKB is here with clever – not to mention simple – tips and tricks that will help you commit to your fitness regimen, once and for all. Bring on the skimpy Halloween costumes!



Sleep in Your Clothes
If you have a.m. workouts planned but are having trouble prying yourself out from between the sheets when the alarm goes off, try sleeping in your workout clothes. By catching some ZZZs pre-clothed in your favorite leggings and T-shirt, you’ll be able to pop out of bed ready to rock (all while shaving minutes from your morning routine). Plus, if you skip your workout, you’ll actually have to peel your workout clothes off of your body and admit to yourself that, yup, you’re letting yourself down.


Sign Up for a Competition
Signing up for a 5K, obstacle race or ILKB challenge with concrete goals and a specific end date will not only help you visualize your success and kick your determination into high gear, it will make sure you stick to consistent training – after all, no one wants to come in last place! Here’s to crossing the finish line strong.


Put Cash on the Line
“Why, I’d love to lose my hard-earned cash,” said no one ever. For this trick, try giving your money to a (trustworthy!) friend, and then earn it back by achieving your fitness goals bit by bit. The idea’s simple: Reach your goals and you’ll win cash. Slack off, and your piggy bank pays the price.


Or Bet Something Else
Short on funds? You can put anything on the line, as long as it’s something that will motivate you to stick to your goals. For example, you could bet on housework (Taking out the trash? No thanks!), babysitting, concert tickets, or whatever floats your boat.


Share Your Goals on Social
Whether you have 10 followers or 10,000, sharing your workout plan with your social media network keeps you accountable to an audience. The night before your workout is planned, try updating your Facebook status to ’10-mile bike ride planned in the morning, alarm set, shoes ready.’ Friends may even wish you luck or send you motivational mantras that will keep you going when your workout is literally the last thing you want to do.


Make Your Own Personal Rewards Program
Time to treat yo’ self! When you hit specific milestones like losing 10 pounds or making it to a fitness class every single day that week, buy yourself something you can enjoy during your workout, like trendy sneakers or an awesome bike. Or a designer handbag. We’re not judging.


Create A Photo Log
The number on the scale can be deceiving, but the camera doesn’t lie. Snap a full-body photo each week and save it to a special album on your phone or computer to track your progress and watch results in real-time. You can also take a “before” picture of yourself, along with your goal, that will make the “after” picture all the more satisfying!


Do It for a Cause
Working out to earn donations for your favorite charity holds you accountable to the people giving you money, the people cheering you on, and most importantly, the people you’re trying to help. Align yourself with a cause that matters for you, like running a marathon on behalf of your local animal shelter or sweating it out in limited-edition workout gear that will help #KickCancersAss during the month of October.


Think Long-Term
Although any workout is a step in the right direction, choosing a longer-term workout program will increase the odds of your workout becoming a habit (and you ultimately crushing your goals). If you’re ready to say ‘yes’ to the best version of yourself, we at ILKB are here to cheer you on and push you to your limit every day of the week.


What other tricks have you used to help you stick to your workout? Comment below!


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