Back to School: 4 Ways You Can Work Out Around Your Kids’ Schedule

Sticking to a consistent exercise routine can be tough for anyone, but finding time to exercise at the start of a hectic school year can feel downright impossible! Trying to balance drop-offs, pick-ups, homework help and packing lunches can leave you little time to take care of yourself. We’ve got you covered with four simple ways to make your fitness a priority, no matter what the new school year throws your way.


Rise and Grind

Work out first thing in the morning, before the day has a chance to get away from you. By the time the evening rolls around, there are too many activities and commitments that can come up unexpectedly and derail your efforts. By setting your alarm an hour earlier, you are guaranteeing that you’ll have time to break a sweat before the demands of the day kick in. Plus, it will feel amazing to check “work out” off your to-do list before the kids are even out of bed!


Make Fitness Fun for the Whole Family

Why work out alone when you can work out as a family unit? Rather than struggling to find alone time, embrace working out with your kids and significant other instead. Not only will you get in your workout, but you’ll be bonding with your family and solidifying healthy habits for your kids for years to come. Kids love to get moving, so make exercise fun by incorporating exercise equipment like jump ropes and Bosu balls into your session.


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Block It Out

If you have an appointment on your calendar, you tend to show for it up, right? That same mindset can help you find time for your sweat sessions. By penciling specific workout times into your planner in advance, the time blocks will feel like an appointment you have to keep. Every Sunday, try to strategically map out your week of exercise, and make plans to swap pickup schedules or dinner duty if necessary.


Music Class for Them = Kickboxing Class for You!

Between soccer practice, chorus, tutoring and all of the other after-school activities, kids these days have a pretty stacked schedule. Use the time your kids spend in extracurriculars to your advantage. While your son or daughter is at soccer practice, you can squeeze in an intense 50-minute kickboxing class at ILKB.. Just as your kids get to decompress from their day by breaking a sweat and spending time with their friends, so do you! Naptime is another prime time to squeeze in a workout. The second your kids are down, make sure they’re safe with your spouse or babysitter and head out for a quick jog, bike ride or any other activity that gets your heart rate up. By the time you get back, everyone will be refreshed.

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