Breathing Could Be Either Your Best Friend or Your Worst Enemy in the Studio…

“Remember to breathe,” a sentiment that may come off as silly, can and will actually prove to be very valuable to a kickboxer when done correctly. Yes, it can seem a little ridiculous, after all breathing is second nature, right? Well, this may come as a surprise to some, however it is often that while during class there is someone who is breathing improperly, causing them to get a less effective, watered down version of their workout. Here, we at ILKB, will explain to you how to breathe, when to breathe, and why it’s important to breathe. Now, relax, take a deep breath and dive in…

4First things first, how to breathe. You may think you already know how, let’s be honest, you’ve been doing it your entire life. Well there’s a big difference between breathing while sitting in your chair at work and breathing while hitting the bag at the gym. Whether you’re in class, running, or doing some weight training, it’s important to remember that you should be breathing through your nose and out your mouth. As opposed to breathing through your mouth, using your nose to inhale will filter the air that goes into your lungs. This will help control your breathing while maintaining a good balance of oxygen and carbon dioxide in your blood. Having the right amount of carbon dioxide in your blood generally helps regulate our breathing ultimately resulting in your body feeling more relaxed.

Now when you’re lifting, say benching, you’d exhale when fiercewomanin your upward motion or the more difficult segment of your exercise. Consequently you’d inhale when you’re putting less strain on your muscles. The same goes for kickboxing – when you’re striking the pads, you should be exhaling. This process will help supply a continual stream of oxygen to the body to help your working muscles. It tends to be very tempting to hold your breath during strenuous motions and it’s a bad habit to develop. Like we mentioned before, this breathing should apply to any and all physical training. That way, your body will get used to inhaling and exhaling at the correct times and will help ensure a healthy blood pressure, a better heart rate and more efficient oxygen transfer when exercising.

So, not breathing correctly can tend to lead to some dangerous results. Breathing through 407733_108297969333689_1143896257_nyour mouth instead of your nose, or holding your breath at times can not only tire out your body, but will leave you short of breath, as will getting tagged in the stomach or throwing punches and kicks – thus making your strikes less and less powerful. The negatives of incorrect breathing go beyond that though. People who tend to have weak cardiovascular or respiratory systems, and continuously hold their breath while contracting their abs and diaphragm (inhaling) can induce black outs or even strokes.

Here at ILKB, we hope to have given you a good sense of just how important it is to control your breathing. It can be a useful asset when done correctly or a detrimental flaw if not. We encourage you to work on this part of your training the next time you come to class! Hope to see you in there soon!


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