9 Killer Workouts You Can Do… With Your Dog?

Hey, Elyse here! Today I want to talk to you about working out with a buddy. A furry one that is… your dog!

Dogs are some of the best workout buddies out there. On top of taking iLoveKickboxing.com classes throughout the week, I also do a couple of fun workouts with my boxer Cooper that I’d like to share with you.

(Plus, dogs never cancel at the last minute – just one more reason they’re the best workout pals ever!)

Okay here we go! My favorite top 9 workouts to do with your dog!

Each one makes for an awesome 20-30 minute session.

1. Go for a run!

Whether it’s a road run or a beach run, just go for it! Sometimes I switch it up and me and Cooper will do some interval training. We will jog for 3 minutes and sprint for 1 minute for a total of 20 minutes.

2. Swim like the fishes.

I’m still working on this one with my dog because he hates the water but we’re getting there! Just go for a swim in either the pool or at the beach with your furry friend. If you have an older dog, this is actually very therapeutic for his joints.

3. Play tug of war.

When I play tug of war with my dog I let him pull first then I pull him in towards me to do a bicep curl. Do this for a couple minutes and you will feel the burn for sure!

4. Play Fetch… Elyse Style 😉

This doesn’t mean throw the toy and watch your dog get it! This means throw the toy and see who can get to it first!  Try to have your dog sit next to you before you throw it so it’s a fair start.

5. Tag! You’re it!

Play tag with your dog. Take turns who is it.  With my dog, he’s never it and I always have to chase him but that’s okay because we are both sweating after about 15 minutes!

6. Hike.

Make sure you research where you’ll hike first and keep in mind what your dog can handle but this is a great way to get away with your best friend for the day and enjoy the scenery.  This is great for both your body and mind and one of my all time favorite things to do.  P.S. your legs will pay for this workout!

7. Stair climb.

Find a nice long set of stairs outside or on a rainy day if you have some stairs in your house and just go up and down them over and over again with your buddy.  Pick up the pace though!

8. Obstacle course!

For an obstacle course with my dog I like to add some of the above activities and some new ones and put them together in my back yard!  You can be creative with this and add some new obstacles as well.

For example, I might start by sprinting back and forth between two trees for 30 seconds… then throw the ball and race my dog for it for 30 seconds… then play tag for 30 seconds… then rest for a minute.

Add stations that hit your legs, stomach and upper body too.  But the trick is in between each obstacle you have to do 10 full burpees and your dog sits and rests!  Run through this 2-3 times (or as many as you can handle).

9. Doggy dance!

Why not? It’s silly but it’s fun! Whether your dog can do the jig on its hind legs alone or they have their front paws on your shoulder for balance. Just have fun and be silly!

Check out this video of me dancing with the doggies!


All this fun can lead to a much needed and deserved relaxation time.  Keep in mind, sometimes relaxing is just as important as a workout for both of you to give your muscles and bodies a break.

That’s it! Now go out and have some fun with your dog.

Spring is finally here so enjoy the nice weather with your partner in crime.  Make your workout a journey and never stop pushing closer to your goals. You got this!!!

Peace, love and…dogs, Elyse Marie <3

Right on, Elyse! sounds like a ruff workout 😉

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