Fitspiration: Megan Mundine, Our 45-Day Transformation 2nd Place Winner!

We’re psyched to announce Megan Mundine of Reno, Nevada, as our second-place winner of the semi-annual 45-Day Transformation Challenge!


In just 45 days, Megan lost 18 pounds and two clothing sizes, and gained a whopping $3,000 as her prize. It’s a far cry from a year ago, when Megan weighed in at 227 pounds, and couldn’t fit in an airplane seat. Today, she is happy, healthy and motivated at 125 pounds, and credits ILKB for much of her success.


“When I started the 45-Day Transformation Challenge, I liked the accountability of it, but also the fact that we were doing it together as a group,” she says. “It seemed like it would be fun, and nice to have an endpoint and set concrete goals.” Now, Megan is continuing her newfound active lifestyle, and tells us all about her journey in this exclusive interview.



Congrats on your big win! Was our 45-Day Transformation Challenge what you expected?


It was actually quite a bit more than I expected! I first signed up for ILKB classes to keep myself accountable for working out, and I got so much more knowledge than I ever dreamed I’d get – on nutrition, and new food ideas, and viewpoints of what I want out of myself and out of life. I got a huge support system I wasn’t anticipating, through the Transformation Challenge Facebook page as well as all the instructors. And, of course, I also got a healthier body.


How does it feel to place in a fitness contest where more than 4,000 people were competing for the prize?


Surreal. To come from a place a year ago where I had to have my mattress on the floor because I couldn’t get out of bed, or not even fit in an airplane seat, or have trouble standing up… To win a competition – in fitness, of all things! – is amazing,


Starting out in the challenge, were you nervous?


I was pretty confident. I didn’t think that I had a chance to win the money; I was doing it more for myself. One of the things that was interesting was, since I’d started losing weight, in losing the 80 pounds before ILKB I had only lost 2 pant sizes. With ILKB, I lost 20 pounds and a whole two clothing sizes more. More than just my weight and shape, my difference in health was amazing.

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How did you manage to fit ILKB classes into your busy schedule?


My days are pretty hectic. I work full-time as a hospice CNA and office manager, I have an active 12-year-old daughter who I’m always running to Girl Scouts and volleyball, and my husband and I run a race team with his work, so we travel a lot March through October.


Ultimately, I just made the decision that my health was a priority. I adjusted my work schedule as much as I could. I’d squeeze in an ILKB class on my lunch break or in between patients. I asked my husband and daughter for more help around the house, to help with daily choice. And I certainly did not get as much sleep!



Do you have any favorite (or least favorite!) parts of class?


I used to completely dread the 15-minute warmup, but now that I have more endurance and can make it through, I don’t mind it anymore. My favorite is, and always has been, hitting the bag. Sometimes when I’m frustrated, it’s a great release of all the pent-up negativity!


In addition to kickboxing with us, what other changes did you make in your life as part of your health journey?


Before ILKB, I was just eating small-portion, low-calorie food. When I started the challenge, that was a big change in nutrition for me. I started focusing more on portion control, but I also shifted to clean eating – getting rid of the processed food and other junk. I’d never done meal prepping before, and that really helped me stay on track so I wouldn’t snack and make bad choices. I’d always have healthy food ready.


If I ever did have unhealthy treats, I would cut them into quarters and throw three away right off the bat. That way, I would keep my calorie, sugar and carb intake low without feeling deprived. I had to keep reminding myself that my food is fuel, not my comfort or entertainment.


Was there any moment in the challenge that sticks out to you in particular?


I had two – a physical one and a mental one. On my first day at ILKB, even though I’d lost so much weight prior, we were doing the 15-minute workout and I couldn’t even do one sit-up. Lily, the instructor, literally had to hold my hand and help me up. That was pretty disheartening. But halfway through the challenge, I realized I made it through the entire sit-up session – and could have even done more! It was amazing to feel so accomplished and feel such progress. Now, every time we do sitoups I smile. It makes me laugh.


Mentally, when I hit 90 pounds of weight loss, I had a flashback of all the struggle I’d faced to get to that point. But I was discouraged, because I didn’t feel 10 pounds away from where I wanted to be. I sat after class with Lily to reevaluate my goals, and she’d ask me questions like “Will you be OK with your weight if you work on building muscle?” and “What do you need to do to stay positive and move forward?” She praised me for my accomplishment, because it was a big milestone, even though my expectations were off. She reminded me to stay focused and enjoy the journey, rather than longing for the end. That day, I had a weight lifted off my shoulders, and felt my opportunities were endless.



When the going got tough, what did you do to stay motivated?


A lot of my motivation came from ILKB’s Transformation Challenge Facebook page. When I was depressed, or exhausted after working all day, I’d visit the page. Everyone on there was such an inspiration, even the people who were just voicing their frustrations. I would say things to lift them up, and it would lift me up in the process. Plus, I could always count on instructors Jevon and Jeff to pull strength and hard work from me I didn’t know was there.



Now that you’ve won second place in ILKB’s 45-Day Transformation contest, what do you have planned to keep your progress going?


Right now, I’m training for a 5K run that’s been on my bucket list for years. I want to try new things, like yoga and pole fitness, and just keep active in general. But mostly, I want to enjoy and maintain the progress I’ve already made.


For all your hard work, you won a $3,000 prize. How will you be using it?


My husband and I are finally going to make some improvements to our home, and put in some new flooring!





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