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Tell Your Bad Habits to Shape up or Ship Out

No matter how hard you try to lead a healthy life, do you find yourself ambushed by bad habits? We say it’s time to declare all-out war. Here, we’ve laid out 6 of the top bad-habit offenders, along with a plan of attack… Read More

How To Use Bootcamp Basics In Your Own Fitness Regimen

Bootcamp isn’t easy!  With its intense cardio and strength workouts in a team atmosphere, bootcamp is super effective at improving your endurance, burning fat and building muscle. No matter what type of exercise you prefer, you can learn a thing or two from… Read More

5 Guilt-Free Sweets & Treats

This month, nix the heart-shaped box of chocolates and indulge in a sweet treat that’s, you know – actually good for your heart! These five recipes are so delicious, you’ll never miss the other artificial junk. Your sweetheart (and your waistline) will thank… Read More

Fun And Fit Date Ideas

Does a sweaty date equal a better date? Experts say yes! Not only does exercise pump loads of endorphins that clear your mind and rev up your sex drive, research shows that doing physical activities with a significant other actually ignites the same… Read More

ILKB’s Winter Wellness Routine

Winter can be a tough time, both for your body and mind. The temps are freezing, it’s dark out, and our bodies are suddenly prime targets for winter nasties like the cold and flu. What gives? While it’s definitely tempting to say goodbye… Read More