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Summer Slim-Down Secrets

While healthy eating and regular workouts are surefire ways to shed pounds – and keep them off long-term – sometimes you just need a little instant gratification! Follow these easy strategies to jump-start a healthier you and feel your absolute best, ASAP.  … Read More

ILKB’s Gabi Volino: Sweating for the Wedding

  For this month’s ILKB Spotlight, we’re excited to introduce you to Gabi Volino! Gabi has been an important part of the iLoveKickboxing team for over three years, having grown with the company from a first-time student, to an instructor, to a location… Read More

45 Day Transformation Contest Winners – 2017

Congratulations to the Winners of the 45 Day Transformation Contest! Check out their inspiring stories below! 7th place – Ashley Ryon​ from Bedford, TX ● 30 years old; lost 14 lbs. ● Body Fat Percentage went from 33 to 30 ● Ashley was… Read More

Summer Wellness Tips We Love

Summer is here! Alright, almost – summer doesn’t technically start until June 21. But with rising temperatures and more time spent outdoors, it’s high time to prepare for the sun- and fun-filled season ahead. We know that with all the excitement (Beach days!… Read More

7 Cool Tricks for a Great Summer Workout

You’ve heard the song: “Summer lovin’, had me a blast!” But, trust us – no one’s going to have a blast if they’re making rookie exercise mistakes during 90-degree workouts! Don’t worry, we’ve got your back. Here, we share 7 tips to help… Read More

Slay May! How to Recommit to Your Fitness Goals

By this time of year, around 80% of us have given up on the New Year’s resolutions we set back in January. This probably doesn’t come as a shock – changing your health habits takes a lot of determination, but it can seem… Read More

How Do Healthy People Slay It?

Do you ever see a super fit person and think to yourself, “How the heck do they do it?” Newsflash: Those people aren’t Superman (or Wonder Woman) in disguise. They don’t have any special talents you don’t have. They’ve simply developed healthy habits… Read More

Healthier Hacks to Slay This Memorial Day

Three-day weekends are made for plenty of fun in the sun. Unfortunately, they can also mean letting your fitness fall by the wayside by overindulging at too many BBQs  – holy rib rack, Batman!   Here’s how to stay healthy without sacrificing the… Read More

Instructor Spotlight: Elyse Marie

When you first talk to 27-year-old Elyse Marie, you’d never guess she suffers from a disorder that statistically should have prevented her from nailing the trifecta of ILKB instructor, fitness spokesmodel and champion kickboxer. Elyse Marie was born with Cystic Fibrosis (CF), a… Read More