Halloween Survival 101

We’re not talking about zombie attacks or werewolf bites. We’re talking diet and exercise saboteurs! If you’ve not yet come face-to-face with bulk bags candy and the temptations within, then now is the time to prepare yourself. Halloween is coming, but we’re going to show you how to treat yourself without blowing all of your hard work.


Pregame the Healthy Way

Before trick-or-treating with the kids, sit down for a nutritious dinner to reduce the urge to snack on candy. In case hunger strikes, pack a bag of dried fruit or trail mix with roasted pumpkin seeds to keep cravings at bay.


Frightfully Effective Workout Moves

The scariest part of Halloween? That there are still two full months of holiday eating ahead! Nip winter weight gain in the bud by amping up your workouts now. And be sure to have some fun with it.


Better Bite-Sized Chocolates
Portion size is key. After all, no one needs to polish off a king-sized Snickers by themselves! Fun-sized minis are an easy way to keep calories in check – as long as you’re not mindlessly chowing down on the entire bag (easy to do when watching a scary movie, we know).  Go for antioxidant-packed dark chocolate options, or enjoy fun-sized Peanut M&Ms and Hershey’s Almond Kisses that provide healthy nuts. Real Simple has laid out a healthier-candy guide that will help you decide which of your splurges are worth the calories.


Trick-or-Treat Yourself

When the kids come home with pillowcases brimming with treats, divvy up the candy into smaller portions and separate them into “reward bags.” Toss a couple pieces of candy into a Ziploc and reward yourself or the kids each time you’ve done something active, like gone for a run, rakes the leaves, or worked out with us at ILKB.


Make Your Cocktails Less Scary

If you’re at a Halloween party, it’s natural to want to get in the holiday ‘spirit’ with a cocktail or two. But by swapping out high-calorie mixers and sticking to clear alcohol (think vodka, gin or silver tequila), you can drink smart and even avoid a sugary booze-fueled hangover the next day. Here are five lower-calorie Halloween cocktails that you can imbibe on for under 200 calories each, and always remember to sip water in between drinks.


Fruit-Based Goodies
Fruit ‘leathers,’ ‘ropes’ and squeezable pouches pack more vitamins than old-fashioned candy. Just make sure to stock up on fruit treats made with real fruit and no added sugars. Mini packets of dark chocolate-covered raisins are also a great way to get at least some of the virtuous aspects of fruit without going overboard on the artificial stuff.

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