How I lost 13 pounds in two months (plus expert interview and video!)

Is it hard to say no to bagels during staff meetings?

Are you addicted to the Caramel Butterscotch Honey Mocha Hazelnut Chai Whipped Cream Frappe Latte Americano from your local café?

Well what if I told you there was a better option?

One that would have your meals ready for you whenever you needed them. One that would save you time and money.

… And help you lose weight.

No no, it’s not the latest app on your IPhone!

It’s called meal prepping.

I can tell you first hand how easy and effective meal prepping is.

I started about eight months ago and with my kickboxing classes already in place I was able to lose 13 pounds in just two months.

I’ve been able to keep them off too because I continue to meal prep.

What’s even better is that since I started meal prepping, the way I think about food has changed drastically. I’m able to fight temptations so much easier. I always ask myself, “Ok do I really want that donut or is it just because it’s in front of me?” Then I realize the food I already have will satisfy me just as much.

It always feels good to make the healthier choice.

To take things even further… I sat down with What the Food! CEO and personal trainer Chelsea Nuzzolo to discuss how meal prepping has helped hundreds of people lose weight, say no to junk food once and for all and eat healthy even on vacation.

Here’s what she told me…

Then, afterward, I wrote you a “cheat sheet” to help make it as simple and easy as possible for you.

1.What is meal prepping?

Meal prepping is really just preparing food and portioning it out with proper macros packed to go. (Macro nutrients or “macro’s” are proteins, fats and carbohydrates. Their total gives you your caloric intake, which when left unobserved will fluctuate, leading to weight gain).

Click the video below to watch Chelsea prep one of her meals:


2. So it’s like leftovers?

Not really leftovers…more like cooking in advance.

3. Why do people meal prep?

People meal prep so they don’t cheat on their “diets” during the week. It’s much easier to make a good choice when it’s right in front of you.

4. What should be included in a meal prep plate?

For the average woman trying to lose weight a good example would be 4oz of chicken, 2oz of a green vegetable and 3oz of a complex carbohydrate (eg. rice quinoa, sweet potato). The average male plate would be larger in quantity (as they genetically carry more muscle than the average women) so, 8oz of chicken, 3oz of a green vegetable and 5oz of a complex carbohydrate.  Both women and men should not have a carbohydrate during dinner or after.

5. What are the benefits of meal prepping?

Well when good food is in front of you it is much easier to make the right choice. It’s also cheaper and much healthier than ordering food every day. Plus, you know exactly what you put in your meals, which makes it possible to count the macro nutrients in it. This is important because it’s how you regulate and keep track of what your body requires to maintain and lose weight.


6. So it would seem that meal prepping takes a lot of time?

Certainly not more than it would take for you to cook all those meals one by one. Meal prepping can be done as little as once a week and shouldn’t take more than 45 minutes.

7. What about people who have crazy schedules, how does this benefit them?

Meal prepping is ideal for people with crazy schedules as people who don’t have crazy schedules have the time to cook each meal separately. If you don’t have that kind of time, having a pre portioned meal ready to grab is great.

8. What about people who travel a lot?

People who travel can always freeze meals and take them or find a food store in the area and makes sure they book a hotel with a kitchen.



9. Why are people afraid of it? Why won’t people do it?

Most people are afraid of change. The reality of weight loss is that it takes time and committing to that time means committing to change. This change involves getting rid of food as a vice or a comfort, which is uncomfortable and no one likes feeling uncomfortable, right? (It’s a trade off really, comfort food or being comfortable in your clothes). Most people won’t do it because they feel like they can get a quick fix like a speed diet to work just as well. Many humans are media swayed and think every fad on T.V. will work. They are promised a great outcome with little to no effort or work and they buy it.

10. How can meal prepping make everyone’s lives easier?

Meal prepping saves money and time while keeping you on top of your goals. Because prepped food is always made and portable, dieters avoid temptation which leads to healthier eating habits. Generally, after two weeks of healthy eating the “need” for “junk food” diminishes.

Alright guys so here’s the quick roundup on meal prepping:

*Meal Prepping is cooking your meals in advance.
*Should be done once or twice a week (if you have the time). Sundays are best.Takes about 45 min.
*For the average woman trying to lose weight include 4oz of protein (about the size of your hand), 2oz of fat and 3oz of a complex carbohydrate. For the average male trying to lose weight think 8oz of protein, 3oz fat and 5oz of a complex carbohydrate.  
*Both women and men should not have a carbohydrate during or after dinner.
*Freeze your meals when you travel or book a hotel room with a kitchen.

Now I hand it over to you.

Give meal prepping a go. Add some kickboxing in there 🙂 and watch you meet your goals in no time.

Oh and let us know any questions you may have about meal prepping below.

We’re more than happy you help you out as you start.

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