How to Murder Belly Fat. (Fitness Model Reveals All)

See those abs? You know, the super-ripped ones to the left of these words? Those are Amber Lynn’s abs.

Amber is a pro fitness model. She’s a star competitor in fitness competitions, a black belt in karate, a walking encyclopedia on fat loss, fitness and nutrition…

And makes grown men cry just by flexing 😉

Today, Amber is going to share her secrets for slim, sexy abs. Take notes! This is a good one.

Take it away, Amber!

A lot of people ask me… “How did you get your abs???”

The truth is, it’s not all that difficult. I don’t try extra hard. I don’t starve myself. I just live by a few simple principles, and apply them every single day. First I’m going to share my daily routine with you. Then, I’ll show you how you can modify it to work with your own schedule.

That way – whether you want 6-pack abs, or just a flat stomach – you can just follow in my footsteps to get there ;-).


First: Morning Workout & Breakfast

What I do: 60-90 minutes of weight training. This usually comes first, unless I wake up super hungry.

Then I’ll eat plain oatmeal with berries, or have a smoothie with cottage cheese, fruit, water, & whey protein powder (a lot of people cringe when they hear I put cottage cheese in a smoothie, but you really can’t taste it when it’s blended up with everything!)

What you can do: Well, you can copy my meals easy enough. But I know not everyone has time for a 60-90 minute weight training session in the morning! Just get as much of a workout as you can in the morning. It jumpstarts your metabolism like crazy.

– Go for a jog…

– Do pushups, squats, lunges and sit-ups…

– Do pullups…

– Powerwalk…

Exercise in the morning gets your metabolism burning fat for you all day long.


Lunch, Snacks & Dinner

What I do:  I eat every 2-4 hours. I hate hunger, and I would never go on a diet that made me hungry. That includes 3 main meals, and 3 snacks. For lunch, I’ll usually have a salad with either spinach or dark greens with a lean meat on top (like tuna or chicken). Actually, a lot of times I have this for dinner too. I’ll also throw in whatever veggies are in the fridge:

– Tomatoes…

– Avocado…

– Seeds (like flax seeds)…

For dressing, I throw on a bit of olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Snacks are either peanut butter… a slice of protein bread with peanut butter… Greek yogurt with peanut butter… or another smoothie with *drum roll please* peanut butter!

Yes, I’m crazy about peanut butter! I think it’s the best thing since the discovery of peanuts! 🙂

If you can’t have peanut butter – try almond butter, or another nut butter.



What you can do: Have a fridge at work? Bring in some non-fat Greek yogurt and stock up. Throw some fruit and veggies in there too. You can also bring hummus and carrots for a great, filling, healthy snack.

The trick is to never let yourself get too hungry. That’s when you make bad food choices.

For meals, pre-cook a bunch of chicken for the week. You can just throw it on top of some greens and add balsamic vinegar and oil for a quick, healthy, filling meal. Same goes for tuna or lean beef!

(Vegetarian? Slice up a block of tofu and throw it in the oven with a bit of salt & pepper. Makes for a delicious protein to add to salads / meals).

I also bring food with me wherever I go. For example, every couple of weeks I travel to NYC to meet at HQ. I always bring peanut butter and other snacks, and leave them in their office fridge. Hunger is the #1 cause of bad food choices! Don’t let yourself get hungry!


Evening Workout

What I do: With my weight training out of the way, I head on over to my location in Rhode Island for cardio and some more resistance. I don’t run, jog, play sports or do anything else for cardio.

All I do is work my butt off at!

What you can do: Try to make 2-3 classes per week. This alone will help you burn fat – and keep it off. I recommend doing weight training too on days where you don’t go to kickboxing class.

Weights help you build muscles, which boosts metabolism, and burns fat. And if you’re a lady like me, don’t worry! You won’t get bulky, I promise ;-). It takes a super-high-calorie diet and TONS of protein to bulk up.



A few important notes:

– Avoid sugar and white flour like the plague!!

– As you can see, I don’t do workouts especially for my abs. I work my whole body, and eat right, and the abs come naturally.

– Hang in there! A sexy stomach doesn’t come overnight. It’s part of a slim lifestyle. Give yourself time to create this lifestyle. Make small changes every day, and before you know it, your whole life is healthy & slimming.

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  1. I do love ILoveKickboxing but what’s with the model holding a gun under the title First:Morning Breakfast & Workouts. A little extreme wouldn’t you say. There is nothing attractive about a someone holding a gun!

    1. Hi There! It’s actually a photo shoot that I did for the troops overseas. The photographer did a calendar and all of the proceeds went to purchasing items for the troops and the calendars were sent as well. 🙂

        1. Wow, I’m very impressed that you did a photo shoot & the proceeds went to the troops overseas!!! I can’t imagine someone not being impressed by that. I also can’t imagine someone telling another person that they aren’t impressed by them, especially on a site that is trying to promote positive thoughts for people that happen to be working very hard on changing themselves for the better. Gun advocate or opponent, this definitely isn’t the place for negative comments. Amber Lyn I applaud you for keeping your response positively mannered.

          1. Hi Tara! Thank you for your kind words and continued support on the blog! I hope you are enjoying ilovekickboxing classes. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  2. Love everything you saying its definitely a boost to what I am try to accomplish!!! Would love to maybe see you at our in Randolph for a workout might just give everyone that little extra umph thy we all look for! Thank you for your time and dedication to fitness!

    1. HI Tina! I will most definitely come take a class in Randolph. Just let me know when is best to come. 🙂

          1. They have a full house M& W at 7:15pm, Tue/Thurs at 7:00pm & Tue/Thur/ Sat at 10:00am. The pm classes are packed to the brim!!!

    1. Don’t eat out at resturants or do so rarely!! It’s a huge way to waste money and you’re right, you cannot control what’s in the food. Also, notice she doesn’t cook, keep meals simple and use whole foods.
      Amber-how do you keep from overtraining?

      1. I actually prep my foods for the week. I will cook a bunch of chicken or beef and store in the fridge in containers. It’s easier to do it this way so you can just heat up and eat! 🙂 I also get to control what goes into my food. I do purchase my meats at Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s because they are organic. However, it can be expensive. So another choice in the market would be an all natural chicken made by either Nature’s Choice or Purdue. 🙂

    2. Hi Angie! I try to avoid eating anything that has sugar in restaurants by opting for healthier choices such as grilled chicken, lean meat, or fish on a salad and veggies on the side. I usually get water and put a pack of Truvia in it for the sweetness taste. It’s a natural sweetener that I carry with me. 🙂 However, I do have a “cheat” once a week which takes care of my sweet tooth for a bit. It is usually something with sugar like a cookie sundae. I pretty much get a belly ache after and all set until the following week. 🙂 I hope this helps!

  3. that model worksout hard and 60-90 min in the morning is a drop in the bucket trying to get to look like her. i know i use to look like her. and 20 years ago i stop now i’m 60 but look like i’m in my 40. i’m trying to get back to working out and it’s hard.

    1. Hi Carolyn! You can defiantly do it girl! Take classes and you will look 20 again! 🙂 They are fun, exciting, and you WILL see results. It doesn’t matter what age you are, these classes are fit for all fitness levels. 🙂

  4. Hi Amber,

    Do you have any good ways to find out what your nutritional metrics for the day should be? Anytime I follow any kind of calorie counter I’m usually under on calories and over on protein. That said, I’m also always told that the high protein is good for building the lean muscle. How do I know what a good range is so that I’m not eating tooo much!?

    Thanks! 🙂

    1. There are steps you take in order to find out how many calories you need in order to lose weight. You can try the method below and see if it works for you.

      My method is to eat more calories (clean, healthy foods), and more GOOD fats. I eat a lot of protein and very little complex carbs. Your body needs fats/calories to burn more fats/calories. 🙂 This method has worked for me with building muscle and staying lean! 🙂

      First, what is your weight loss goal?

      Second, What are your physical activity levels?

      If you exercise three or four times per week for one hour, multiply your goal weight by 15. If you don’t exercise at all, multiply by 13, and if you work out an hour per day nearly every day, multiply by 20. This is the calorie intake you’re working toward.

      Third, How many calories do you need to cut?

      Subtract the total from your physical activity levels (calculated in step 2) from the average daily calories you tallied at the end of Week 1. During each of the remaining three weeks of the plan, cut down your daily calories by one-third of this number.

      Example: Your goal weight is 135, you haven’t been exercising lately and your average daily calorie tally during Week 1 was 2,655: 135 (goal weight) X 13 (activity level) = 1,755 (daily calorie intake at goal weight) 2,655 (daily current calorie intake) – 1,755 (daily calorie intake at goal weight) = 900

      Cut one-third of your daily calories (300 calories in this example) each week, starting in Week 2 until you reach the level of calories needed to in Week 4. Your daily calorie intake would then be 2,355 for Week 2; 2,055 for Week 3; and 1,755 calories for Week 4 and beyond.

      There are so many fad diets out there, you just need to learn about your body and what works best for YOU!

      1. Thanks for sharing your workout and diet information with us! I know there is no one size fits all approach to figuring out how many calories one should eat however using this formula, my daily caloric intake goal would be 2,475. I’ve been told before that to lose weight/fat I should be closer to 1,500 per day. Any other suggestions for finding a good target?

        1. Hi Laurel,

          To lose one pound of fat, you must burn approximately 3500 calories over and above what you already burn doing daily activities. That sounds like a lot of calories and you certainly wouldn’t want to try to burn 3500 calories in one day. However, by taking it step-by-step, you can determine just what you need to do each day to burn or cut out those extra calories.

          Calculate your BMR (basal metabolic rate). Your BMR is the amount of calories your body needs to maintain basic bodily functions like breathing and digestion. This is the minimum number of calories you need to eat each day. Keep in mind that no calculator will be 100% accurate, so you may need to adjust these numbers as you learn more about your own metabolism. I have gotten to know my body very well and what works for me may not work for everyone. You have to get to know your body. 🙂

          Calculate your activity level. For a week or so, keep an activity journal and use a calorie calculator to figure out how many calories you burn while sitting, standing, exercising, lifting weights, etc. throughout the day. After a week, add your totals for each day and average them out to get a general idea of how many calories you burn each day.

          Keep track of how many calories you eat. For at least a week, enter and track your calories online (e.g., with Calorie Count) or use a food journal to write down what you eat and drink each day. Be as accurate as possible, measuring when you need to or looking up nutritional information for restaurants, if you eat out. After a week, add your totals for each day and average them out to get a general idea of how many calories you eat each day. This may seem like a pain, but it’s to determine how many calories you need to eat in order to lose the weight.

          Add it up. Take your BMR number and add your activity calories. Then subtract your food calories from that total. If you’re eating more than your BMR + your activity calories, you’re at risk for gaining weight.

          For example: Let’s say Mary’s BMR is 1400 calories and she burns 900 calories with regular exercise, walking around and doing household chores. To maintain her weight, she should be eating 2300 calories (1400 + 900= 2300). However, after keeping a food journal, Mary finds that she’s eating 2550 calories every day. By eating 250 more calories than her body needs, Mary will gain about a pound every 2-3 weeks.
          This example shows how easy it is to gain weight without even knowing it. However, it’s also easy to lose weight, even if the process itself can be slow. You can start by making small changes in your diet and activity levels and immediately start burning more calories than you’re eating. If you can find a way to burn an extra 200 to 500 calories each day with both exercise and diet, you’re on the right track.

          I hope this helps!! 🙂

          1. Thank you for your quick reply!

            Calories I usually can follow pretty well. Its more of the break down of everything that comes with them where I am lost. I don’t know if there is a way to calculate how much protein or fiber or carbs for instance I should be intaking. I know it takes a lot of protein to bulk and high protein is good for building lean muscle but how much is too much? Myfitnesspal and other similar sites that offer advice on calorie intake also gives me an estimate of how much protein I should take in a day. It estimates 54 grams but I usually exceed that.

          2. Hi Amber,

            Thank you so much for the response. I will give it a shot! And again, a sincere thank you for sharing your successes. For once in my life, I finally feel like I’m on the right track with eating clean and working out and have people like you to thank for that. I go to kickboxing 3-4 days/week and I’m totally addicted!! Thank you!

          3. HI Kaitlyn!

            The standard method used by nutritionists to estimate our minimum daily protein requirement is to multiply the body weight in kilograms by .8, or weight in pounds by .37. This is the number of grams of protein that should be the daily minimum. According to this method, a person weighing 150 lbs. should eat 55 grams of protein per day, a 200-pound person should get 74 grams, and a 250-pound person should eat 92 grams.

            However, I take it a lot more protein than the average person. I am in training mode for a fitness show and have been taking in approximately 200 grams per day, oh for about 8 months now. I am on a low carb, high protein diet that keeps me lean. In fact, most of my diet IS protein. Having more protein than the recommended average only really effects people with kidney disease. Because unlike fat and glucose, our body has little capacity to store protein. If we were to stop eating protein, our body would start to break down muscle for its needs within a day or so. Extra protein can be broken down into glucose in a process called gluconeogenesis. On low carb diets, this happens continually. One benefit of obtaining glucose from protein is that it is absorbed into the bloodstream very slowly, so it doesn’t cause a rapid blood sugar increase. You don’t get that shaky “I want to eat everything in site” feeling. LOL

            I suggest speaking with your doctor about the amount of protein you should take in before doing so. 🙂 I hope this helped!

        2. HI Laurel! Thank you so much for your support on the blog and kind words! It’s totally awesome that you are doing all of those classes and loving them! Keep working hard and eating clean. Not only will you look better, but you will feel better as well. I tell people all of the time, it’s not a diet, it’s a LIFESTYLE! 🙂 Beast!

          1. That definitely helped! Thanks soo much! I have actually decided to meet with a nutritionist to get everything worked out specifically for me and my body!

            That gives me a great baseline and better understanding for myself though! Thanks for your inspiration and all the replies you are giving to these questions! 🙂

  5. I have one problem with this plan – I’m a teacher, and I’m up at 5:00 and out the door between 6:00 and 6:30 for school at 7:00. To work out, I’d have to wake up at 4:00 am (at the EARLIEST). I know morning workouts are key for optimum fat burning, but it’s just not possible for me. Are afternoon/evening workouts going to put me that far behind?

    1. I say any workout no matter what time of day it is, is still a work out! As long as you get in a good workout with weights, cardio, or both, then you are burning calories and fat. I don’t know of your location, but check out and find school in your area. Most schools offer night classes and they are only an hour long. You will enjoy the classes while working all parts of your body. Not only do I teach these classes, but I take them as well. 🙂

  6. peanut butter and greek yorgurt sounds yummy i’m gonna have to try that! i normally just add honey and fruit to plain greek yorgurt, excited to try it with peanut butter thanks!

    1. You’re welcome! I also use Truvia and cinnamon. It gives it that Fall flavor…almost like apple pie. 🙂

  7. Hi Amber. I absolutely love kick boxing and was very excited to hear about; however, I noticed the Paoli, PA location is no longer sad. Do you know what happed? I live in zip code 19355 and couldn’t find a location close enough to my house. Maybe the location in Paoli, PA will reopen again!!


    1. Hi Nee,

      You can go to and search for another one in your area. With the new franchising model, we hope to have more locations throughout the country.

  8. Hello amber,

    I would like to know if you do personal training lessons? I would also like to know if I join, can I join just paying cash because i go to the training academy ..I just got hired as a parole officer and i cannot have a membership right now because i go to the academy nov 11 to dec 22, my schedule will be hard to start a membership..I would love to go to kickboxing as well as personal trainining.

  9. This was really super helpful. As a Weightloss consultant– this is exactly what I tell my clients “Do not let yourself get hungry!” The best tip.. People are miseducated when it comes to Weightloss. If you under-eat ( under 1200 cal- your body goes into starvation mode- and holds on to fat for dear life– literally) and she is so right– when you are famished — all you want to do is EAT and healthy choices are the last thing on your mind. — Be mindful, feed your machine and put it to work 🙂

    1. Hi Carla,

      As long as you get in a workout in some part of the day, it’s still a workout. Check the schedule a school near you for evening and weekend classes. 🙂
      Also, while at work, try doing some short exercises like walking up and down the stairs at lunch, or short ab exercises in your chair. It’s good to carry a resistance band so you can do maybe 2-3 sets of 30 for a quick break, or 20 squats every time you have to get up. 🙂

  10. Hello Amber. The advice you have given is spot on!!! I have lost weight and when people ask how I did it I always tell them that it takes exercise and a good healthy way of eating. I do not like using the term ‘diet’ because so many people think that being on a specific diet is the way to lose weight, and it so is not!!!! Eating when your body tells you to is so important, but so is putting in the right foods and the most difficult to do!!! I am trying to lose the last 20lbs. and it really has been very difficult. The ilovekickboxing facility I go to is a half hour away so I dont make it to too many classes, but I have found a cardio kickboxing class that I have fallen in love with. I hope to attend more ilovekickboxing classes in the future!

    1. That is awesome Gail for losing the weight and choosing a healthier lifestyle! I hope you are able to attend the ilovekickboxing classes as well. They work your body parts far better than just a cardio class. However, I think you are doing great by continuing to exercise. Keep up the good work! 🙂

  11. how do you cook your chicken and beef? I usually cook my chicken breast in a bit of olive oil with onion, mushrooms, and any other vegetables i have and feel like adding, but i do get sick of it once in a while.
    what’s a simple way to cook chicken and beef and they’re still healthy and tasty?

    1. Hi Ash! I know the feeling of eating the same “tasty” chicken and beef every day. 🙂 I actually try to create different flavors for both. For chicken, try adding some brushetta. You can find this at Trader Joe’s near the sauces. You can even add a little of their parmesan cheese to make it like a healthy chicken parm. I also have used so many different spices like the varieties of Mrs. Dash. It’s one of the few spices that has no sodium. You can also cut up the chicken and make a stir fry with veggies. For beef, I actually put in a small amount of BBQ sauce (Trader Joe’s) mixed with chili powder, onions, celery, and mushrooms. Another way is to put a can of stewed tomatoes with some spices. I just get creative with different spices and healthy add-ins. 🙂

  12. Any recommendations for type 1 diabetics??? I know the importance of cutting out sugars and carbs., but when I do that I have problems with low blood sugar, especially when excercising. Any and all ideas will be appreciated.

    Thank you!!!

    1. Hey Rev!

      Absolutely. As a diabetic I assume you’re familiar with the glycemic index (if you’re not, let me know!).

      You just want to stick to carbs that are low glycemic. However, the biggest thing is to keep eating consistently throughout the day. Especially as a diabetic, this is even more crucial. Letting your blood sugar get too low is going to force you to consume sugars that aren’t great for fat loss in order to get it back up.

      If you eat low glycemic foods constantly, throughout the day, your blood sugar will stabilize (which is where you want it for fat loss and muscle gain!).

      Have a whole grain, brown rice, or something similar with your meals. It’ll help keep your blood sugar stable, and contribute to getting lean and toned too.

      Avoid white flour… white rice… table sugar… etc. Sugars are okay – but only when consumed IN fruit (fruit comes packed with fiber and amino acids that make their sugars digest in a way that’s good for the body).

      Let us know if you have any other questions!

  13. I turn 62 in less than a month. Started kickboxing a couple months ago and LOVE it. How I wish I’d tried it years ago as I would be one fit lady. But I am making up for lost years. My advice to all is to try everything until you find what you like. I’ve realized now that I need lots of people working out with me so I won’t slow down. I need the group force. Kickboxing has so many changes in each class that I’m never bored and always seeking to improve or keep up with all the other (young) participants. Also since we are all working so hard and sweating like crazy, no one is staging a fashion show so I don’t feel out of place like I have when alone at a gym. Amber Lynn of course probably always looks great, but it wouldn’t matter at kickboxing since we’d be too busy to look! Thanks for all the good info. Oh, if you folks like peanut butter but not the fat, buy the dry stuff and you’ll get th

    1. Thank you Darlene! 🙂 Actually, I sweat just like the rest of you. My hair gets all gross and my shirt is soaked with sweat. But I absolutely love the classes and the feeling of a great work-out! I always say…if it’s burning, it’s working! I am glad you are enjoying the classes and it’s never too late to start a healthier lifestyle!! 🙂

  14. Amber, most of the things you’ve listed above I’ve started to incorporate in my day-to-day routine. However I have a LOVE for coffee with 4 packets of splenda or equal. Is this bad or are sugar subsitutes bad as well?

    1. Hey Melissa!

      Unfortunately, processed sugar substitutes like Splenda are hard on your liver, which is where fat metabolization occurs. When your liver is overwhelmed, it can’t metabolize fat efficiently.

      Try to phase these out. Instead, use a bit of honey. Some people also find that adding cinnamon makes it easier to use less sugar / substitute.

      Also, try stevia. While in the white powdered form it’s processed, it’s much healthier than Splenda and other sugar substitutes.

      Let us know if you have any other questions!

    2. Hey Melissa! I was using 5 packets before switching to Truvia ( a natural sweetener that is derived from the Stevia leaf mentioned above). It actually tastes so much better than Splenda. It smells like cake, too! Also, I have added cinnamon to coffee for flavor and this new pumpkin spice. Both of these spices have become my new “friends”. 🙂

  15. Amber,
    I recently was told I can no longer have dairy products and am trying to lose weight as well…I’m struggling with an eating plan. Do you have any suggestions or can you help me? Thanks!

  16. Hey Amber!! I saw this article today and thought it was great! wanted to share it and get your thoughts!!

    Why Women Don’t (But Should) Lift Weights

    Despite study after study supporting the benefits of strength training, many women still opt for cardio over weights. Maybe they’re worried about “bulking up.” Women have seen a few too many beefy men grunting it out in the weight room and fear that if they pick up a dumbbell, they’ll suddenly start to resemble a linebacker, too.

    This can happen, although it’s extremely rare, as we reveal in 6 Ways to Beat Your Bad Genes. But for most women, “this just isn’t possible,” says personal trainer and Prevention fitness expert Chris Freytag. “Ladies have too much estrogen in their hormonal makeup.”

    So what is the secret to looking toned (think: Michelle Obama’s arms, which we have the secret to) but not tough? Strength training.

    Here, nine reasons why women should strength train at least two or three times a week.

    1. Your metabolism will soar.
    As women age, they naturally lose muscle mass. This causes your metabolism to slow, which means you could start building a spare tire by the time you reach your 30s. “When you do weight-bearing exercises, you start revving up your metabolism—and it keeps burning for many hours after your workout,” says Wayne Westcott, PhD, director of fitness research at Quincy College and Prevention advisory board member.

    2. You’ll you burn fat.
    Muscle tissue is more “active” than fat tissue, with each pound burning about 30 calories a day just to sustain itself. So even if you’re sitting on the couch or are stuck at your desk for eight hours a day, the extra muscle mass you develop will burn more calories, helping you finally get rid of that spare tire—and keep it off for good. (If you want to love your lower body more than you do, check out this fat-blasting do-anywhere workout from Freytag.)

    3. Your body will get tighter.
    While cardio is important and will help melt fat, weights sculpt your body, creating curves and definition right where you want it. They also help fight the effects of gravity, making you much less likely to have arm jiggle in your upper arms. (Scientists discovered the three best moved for perfect upper arms—check them out.)

    4. You’ll fit into your skinny jeans.
    “One pound of fat takes up much more space than one pound of muscle,” says CrossFit athlete and certified level-1 trainer Cheryl Brost, a 41-year-old mother of two. “So even though muscle weighs more, what do you want all over your body? Something that’s bulky, like body fat, or something that’s lean, and takes up less space, like muscle?”

    5. You’ll reduce your risk of heart disease and diabetes.
    Curbing age-related muscles loss isn’t just good for your looks; it can protect your heart and help ward off type 2 diabetes, too. “Muscle helps remove glucose and triglycerides from the bloodstream, which reduces the risk of type 2 diabetes, as well as hardening of the arteries,” says Timothy Church, MD, PhD, a preventive medicine expert at Pennington Biomedical Research Center. For specific exercises that can reduce your diabetes risk, check out our Diabetes Exercise Solution.

    6. Your blood pressure could drop.
    “Strength training lowers blood pressure for ten to twelve hours after each session, which gives your heart a break,” says William Haskell, PhD, professor emeritus of medicine at Stanford University. “How strength training does this is not completely understood, but it probably has subtle effects on everything from hormones to nervous system regulation.”

    7. You can do it anytime, anywhere.
    You don’t need a lot of space or a lot of special equipment to get a great strength workout, says Westcott. Simply using your own bodyweight through the use of pushups, planks, chair dips, squats, and pull-ups is enough to tone and strengthen your entire body. Bonus: You can do it indoors, which means you don’t have to weather the cold, freezing temps of winter or the scorching heat of summer.

    8. You’ll blast loads of calories.
    Plyometric strength moves (think squat jumps and burpees) and kettlebell workouts skyrocket your heart rate, which boosts the calorie burn of regular strength training routines. These types of workouts give you cardio, strength, and sculpting all in one, which is a great timesaver, says Freytag.

    9. It’s good for your bones.
    Strength training is one of the 12 best ways to break-proof your bones. “Lifting weights can help counteract age-related bone loss,” says Ethel Siris, MD, director of the Toni Stabile Center for Osteoporosis at Columbia Presbyterian Medical Center in New York City. “Strengthening your muscles also improves balance and keeps you as strong as possible which lowers your chances of a fall-related fracture.

  17. I Started my ilovkickboxing March 16 it will be a Month soon and my body is sclupting like crazy i have lots of energy now i really love it.. I’m a work in progress your and inspiration to me keep up the good work.

  18. Hi Amber! I saw you mention about adding whey isolate to your shakes you make. What are good protein powders to use? There are so many and I get confused at what to look at

  19. I am so frustrated, not really having time to myself between work,family kids and the demands that go with them. I am watching menopause take over and refuse to live like that( belly fat, etc.) Any words of wisdom can you give me to get me motivated and push me over the edge?

  20. Hi,
    I read your inspiring story and your passion about the workouts and helping others. I’m happy that you are back on your feet and worked very hard. You deserved it. I’m 24 years old and I noticed that my abs is not as flat at it was. Every morning my abs used to be flatter, but now it’s sticking out. This happened in June 2014, so I’m guessing my metabolism is slowing down as I aged. I started doing the gym in June 2014 (zumba, cardio Tai kickboxing, pilates , machines etc). I don’t do gym everyday, but at least 3x a week and do 120 crunches a day at home. I do have ups and downs where I don’t go gym for a week. Since my abs is still there, but still not the way I wanted. I just joined kickboxing last week. I’ve been going there 5x a week, so now I’m shooting my 3rd week. I know I read the part is to do exercise in the morning to boost the metabolism, but will it work I do 2 days in the morning of kickboxing and the rest later after work? My goal is to have the abs like yours in the picture or just flatter before I start nursing in January 2015. During nursing, I will continue going to the gym, but not as much. I eat healthy food. Greek yogurt and peanut butter sounds yummy!! I love peanut butter, especially with my gala apples. I tried to not eat too much carbs like pasta or rice, but it’s so hard to live without them!!! Amber, how long will it take to accomplish my flat abs like yours and how should I eat rice and pasta? Once a day with small portion for rice or pasta? I don’t eat a lot of fast food, so my abs is not as big, but wanted flatter for the beach or wear a nice slim dress. Sometimes people think I’m pregnant when I’m not! When I do exercise in the morning, do I eat breakfast before or after? Sorry I have few questions all over. I’ve been searching all over for s perfect abs. Thanks Amber and hope to hear from you soon.

  21. Hi Amber,

    I know this post is 3 years old & I don’t know if you’ll still get notified of replies, but….

    I was curious what shape you were in when you started ILKB, and what your journey was like getting to where you are now? I’m always interested in knowing about other people’s stories. They can be so motivational!

    I just joined (2 classes under my belt), much later than I should have (I’m almost 48) but I intend to make the most of my membership. Thanks for sharing all of your knowledge!

  22. Hi, Amber,
    I am 26 year old and i weight 100kg, how do i start a weight loss routine to loss belly fat and body fat ?

  23. Im 63 years old. In all my years at the gymn i finally found my calling. Ilkb i go to the denver location. Their instructors are awesome . Their great motivators. At my age i pretty much keep up
    Your never to old.

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