5 Ways to Stay Fit on Vacation

Ah, vacation – that amazing week when you get to trade in your everyday life for a little well-earned R&R. Unfortunately, “vacation” is usually synonymous with “indulgence.” But who wants to return home from a dream vacation bloated, puffy and feeling worse than when they left? No one, that’s who. Read on for 5 easy ways you can enjoy a fit vacation and have a blast doing it!


Whether you’re headed to the beach, the mountains or the city, fun activities beckon. Get your heart pumping with bike rides, group runs, paddle boarding, kayaking, beach volleyball, hiking, snorkeling, you name it. We’re willing to bet you’ll have so much fun, you won’t even notice you’re breaking a sweat.

Here’s a list of Fun and Fit Date Ideas!


Many cities around the world are best traversed on foot. To discover your new locale, pass on the pricey sightseeing trolley and sign up for a group walking tour instead. Many destinations offer walking tours for every type of traveler, from the history buff to the foodie. Not to mention, a brisk walk between neighborhood nibbles will offset the calories when you finally reach your destination.


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No gym? No problem! You can easily pack light, portable fitness equipment to get your sweat on wherever you go. Take advantage of a full-body workout using resistance bands, or simply put your hotel room furniture to use – a desk chair can be used for triceps dips, a closed door is the perfect place to secure your resistance cables, and a jump rope is a great way to incorporate cardio using while adding next to no weight to your carry-on.



Sure, lots of getaways are all about relaxation, but sometimes, a vacation focused on getting fit can be just the right break from real life. Book a stay at an all-inclusive health spa, or plan a cruise – many offer healthful food options and daily classes like boot camp or yoga to keep you slim. Whether at a resort or on a cruise, excursions can include adventures like mountain climbing and rainforest trekking. While it may not be lazy lounging on the beach, you’ll return home more refreshed and reinvigorated than ever.



When people travel, they tend to eat more calories, sugar, and carbs. Oftentimes, they don’t have an exercise plan in place. But the lucky few still manage to lose weight. What gives? It turns out the cortisol your body pumps during times of stress causes people to hold onto stubborn extra pounds, especially around their midsection. On vacation, you’re less worried about life in general, so your cortisol levels drop – and so does the number on the scale. On your next vacation, keep healthy food and fitness in mind, but don’t go too crazy counting calories. A little indulgence may be all that you need for your best body ever.

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