How to Stop Craving Bad Foods!

We turn to bad foods for all sorts of reasons… relief from stress, boredom, celebrations, habit….

But there’s actually one reason that stands above the rest. And this reason is the absolute worst, because it causes a ton of stress on your mind & body…

… Making you crave bad foods even more!

That reason: hunger.

The truth is if you’re craving bad foods, there’s a good chance you’ve just gone too long without eating.

See, when your body becomes desperate for energy, it starts to beg for something that will satisfy the desperation. Foods like cookies, brownies, pastries, chocolate, etc. satisfy that immediate craving.

They fill you with tons of sugar, which gives you immediate energy.

But then… that energy is used up, and before you know it, you’re craving bad foods again.

It’s a Cycle of Fat Gain.

The good news is, there’s a VERY simple solution:

Eat more.

Now wait a sec! Before there’s any confusion… I don’t mean to over-eat… or eat bigger meals! What I mean is…

Eat more frequently!

eat more frequently
Time your meals so you start eating just before you get hungry. Every 3-4 hours works best.

If you keep your body’s energy levels up constantly throughout the day – your body won’t feel the need to turn toward those “emergency foods.”

Now, the important thing is to choose your snacks wisely. This requires preparation at home. Because the sad truth is, our society makes fat loss very hard!

Walk into any restaurant, and practically everything comes smothered in oil. Even healthy foods are made fatty and bad for you.

And vending machines? When’s the last time you saw something healthy in a vending machine besides a bottle of water?

So the key to making this work is…

…to pack healthy snacks, and have them handy everywhere you go.

– Keep a couple of apples in your bag or car or desk…

– Stick a jar of peanut butter and a spoon in your glove box (just make sure the only ingredient in the peanut butter is dry roasted peanuts!)…

– Keep a small plastic bag of chopped carrots with you…

– Stick an orange in your coat pocket on your way out the door…

It’s not difficult, but it takes commitment and consistency.

And if you’d like some ideas on healthy snacks, click here for one of our recent blog posts on 5 snacks that actually BURN fat:

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2 Replies to “How to Stop Craving Bad Foods!”

  1. How about nuts for snacks? I like to get a mix from the grocery store that has various nuts and some fruit. I measure out a serving and put it in a baggie for later so I don’t overeat them (which is easy to do).

    1. Nuts are great! They’re full of nourishing fats that DON’T contribute to gaining fat! (Unless you binge on them of course!). Watch out for those mixes though! A lot of times they add table sugar to them, which makes them bad for fat loss (table sugar is probably the #1 cause of weight gain).

      Also, watch out for these ingredients because they’re basically table sugar stated another way:

      – cane juice
      – evaporated cane juice

      The sugars that come naturally in the dehydrated fruits are healthy, especially when ingested through eating fruit, but cane sugar is a huge no-no for fat loss. Congrats too on being so healthy 😉

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