Lettuce Talk About Salad: Tongue Tickling Tips and Tricks

Does your salad ever make you want to cry?

You start your workday excited that you prepped your lunch the night before. You’ve proudly stored your Tubberware in the staff’s refrigerator. But come lunchtime, you uncover a meal that’s just lettuce, tomatoes, and some chicken.

Not even the drizzled oil and vinegar can mask the aromas of the cheeseburgers, chicken parms, and pizza slices around you.

You wonder if it’s even going to fill you up. Maybe you should get a sandwich? A burrito?

What’s nearby?

But don’t rush out the door just yet!

Make your salad the lunchtime hit by dressing it up with these tasty toppings.

Chestnuts: Low in calories, chestnuts are a great source of starch which is great for energy boosts in the middle of the workday. They also act as a dietary fiber which will keep your metabolism consistent.

Watch the tutorial below on how to roast chestnuts.


Apples: An apple of day keeps the doctor away. Apples keep sugar levels consistent which can reduce risks of developing diabetes. Apples are also a great source of dietary fiber and help control your weight.

Pomegranate Seeds: Like chestnuts, pomegranate seeds are also low in calories and rich in fiber. They help lower cholesterol but also help with muscle cramping.

Now how do you get those seeds out? Just click below.


Let’s mix is all together now.

Huge seasonal flavor is packed into this easy as pie salad. It enhances flavor naturally so no need for salad dressing.

And thanks to my colleague Amanda Fernandez for this fun recipe.

Click right below 

Easy Kale Salad To go

Serves 6

1 Head             Kale, washed & torn or cut into bite sized pieces

1 Tbsp              Extra Virgin Olive Oil

1 Handful        Roasted Chestnuts, chopped

1                      Honey Crisp or Seasonal Apple, chopped

1                      Pomegranate, seeds & juice reserved

1 can               Mandarin Oranges, drained

1                      Lemon, cut in half


Place all of the torn Kale and Extra Virgin Olive Oil into a large bowl. Squeeze half of the lemon over kale and massage for about 3 minutes. Set aside. In a medium bowl, toss together all other ingredients.

Pour contents of medium bowl onto Kale and toss well. Top with cracked black pepper and serve on chilled plates immediately.

If traveling with salad, reserve the pomegranate seeds and juice until you get to your destination. Pour them on top of salad and toss well directly before serving to avoid a soggy salad.

What are some of your favorite ways to dress up your salad?

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