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Get Schooled: 5 Tips to Make Meal Pepping a Cinch

When school is back in session, it’s easy to get so overwhelmed by your busy schedule that healthy eating falls by the wayside. But what if we told you that healthy eating can be easier, tastier and more cost effective than so-called convenience… Read More

Eat to Stay Fit, Wherever You Travel

Whether it’s a private wine tasting in Tuscany or a beach BBQ in the Hamptons, most summer getaways involve food cheats. When vacation vibes have set in, it’s easy adopt an all-bets-are-off mindset, allowing your healthy eating habits to backslide during travel. Unfortunately, it also… Read More

5 Ways to Stay Fit on Vacation

Ah, vacation – that amazing week when you get to trade in your everyday life for a little well-earned R&R. Unfortunately, “vacation” is usually synonymous with “indulgence.” But who wants to return home from a dream vacation bloated, puffy and feeling worse than… Read More

How Kickboxing Became a Global Phenomenon

You’ve probably heard of kickboxing, or even taken a class or two, but do you know the history behind one of America’s favorite – not to mention most effective – fitness regimes? Whether you’re a kickboxing pro or haven’t yet stepped foot in… Read More

Summer Slim-Down Secrets

While healthy eating and regular workouts are surefire ways to shed pounds – and keep them off long-term – sometimes you just need a little instant gratification! Follow these easy strategies to jump-start a healthier you and feel your absolute best, ASAP.  … Read More

Halloween Survival 101

We’re not talking about zombie attacks or werewolf bites. We’re talking diet and exercise saboteurs! If you’ve not yet come face-to-face with bulk bags candy and the temptations within, then now is the time to prepare yourself. Halloween is coming, but we’re going… Read More

9 Tricks That’ll Make Your Workout a Treat

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, sticking to your workouts…well, it doesn’t work out. That’s why ILKB is here with clever – not to mention simple – tips and tricks that will help you commit to your fitness regimen, once and for… Read More