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Halloween Survival 101

We’re not talking about zombie attacks or werewolf bites. We’re talking diet and exercise saboteurs! If you’ve not yet come face-to-face with bulk bags candy and the temptations within, then now is the time to prepare yourself. Halloween is coming, but we’re going… Read More

9 Tricks That’ll Make Your Workout a Treat

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, sticking to your workouts…well, it doesn’t work out. That’s why ILKB is here with clever – not to mention simple – tips and tricks that will help you commit to your fitness regimen, once and for… Read More

8 Superfoods for Fall

Temperatures are dipping, but your food choices are just beginning to heat up! Kick your workout energy into high gear with these nutrient-packed superfoods, which are at their peak in the autumn months. Here’s your guide to eight easy-to-use, fresh ingredients that will… Read More

14 Ways This Local Kickboxing Class Will Get You Sexy, Fast!

Do you and your main squeeze “fit” together? Studies show couples that get fit together stick together – creating healthy bonds, learning new life skills together and busting stress in positive ways makes homes happy! Additionally, working out boosts libido and heightens your… Read More