Official ILKB Hand Wrapping Guide Featuring Amanda Kajen

Do NOT undermine the importance of wrapping your hands before hitting the heavy bag. It’s called a heavy bag for a reason… it’s heavy! With that being said, your hands and wrists ought to be better supported when throwing punches. At any given moment, you could roll your wrist just like you’d roll an ankle. You could even damage the bones and tendons within the framework of your hand. Fortunately, with the proper use of hand wraps, these sort of injuries can be easily avoided.

With that being said, we’ve had Amanda Kajen, one of our finest instructors here at ILKB, show you how to properly wrap your hands before class! Check it out!



“Hey, it’s Amanda from iLoveKickboxing and I’m here to teach you how to wrap your hands for your next iLoveKickboxing class! So here are my hand wraps, I’ve already got them set up. I have the loop facing the outside, I like to wrap my hands while the hand wrap is already wrapped so they’re not dragging on the floor as I wrap them. Notice, under that loop, the inseam, that’s going to be facing down as you start to wrap your hands. So I begin by placing the loop around my thumb and that inseam is going to face down. From here, I’m going to wrap my wrist five times, one, two, three, four, and five. Now depending on the length of your wrap, or the size of your hand, you may need to wrap more or less, but I think five is a great place to start. From here, I’m going to come up to my pinky and then I’m going to wrap four times around my knuckle. Here I go, one, two, three and four. Alright, from here I’m going to take it diagonal, take it back down to my wrist and now I’m going to be going in between each of my fingers. So I’m going start right here, one, go around the next one, two, three. Alright, so all of my fingers are done. Now I’m going to go up around my knuckles again, and make it look nice and pretty. So I can wrap one to three times around those knuckles. From here I’m going to come back down to my wrist, go around my thumb, show it some love. And then with the rest of my wrap, I’m going to finish around my wrist. So this is going to help protect my wrist, the ligaments in my hand and it also looks really bad ass while I kickbox, I’ll see you guys on the mat!”


Step By Step Breakdown:

Preparation: Have wraps rolled up, with the loop on the outside. Inseam must be facing down when you start to wrap.

1. Begin by placing the loop around your thumb.

2. Take the wrap down to the outside of your wrist, wrap it five times around your wrist.

3. Go back up to the outside of your pinky, wrap four times around your knuckles.

4. Take it back down diagonally to the outside of your wrist, wrap it around to bring it back up to go in between each of your fingers.

5. Wrap around knuckles once more anywhere from one to three times.

6. Bring it back down towards your wrist, wrap your thumb

7. Finish the rest of your wrap by wrapping it around your wrist.


Like we mentioned before, it’s very important to wrap your hands and wrap them properly. Preparing your hands for an hour’s worth of punching is essential to efficiently avoiding injury. So next time you’re in the studio, getting ready for a class, re-watch this video to refresh your memory on how to wrap your hands and why it’s important to!


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