On the Road? Amanda Demonstrates 5 Exercises to Supplement Your Missed Class…

Away for the weekend? Perhaps parental duties are what’s keeping you from the gym tonight? Well, whether you’re enjoying some fun in the sun or just watching your kids, there’s always a time and place for self-improvement. So, ILKB instructor Amanda Kajen has come up with a convenient way for you to squeeze that cardio into your tight schedule.

The routine should take less than 10 minutes of your time. With that being said, don’t let the conciseness fool you, this workout will be effective and you’ll feel it during the first set. Without further ado, here’s your way to make up for your lost time at the gym…

First things first…Amanda 2

10 Toe Taps

After that…

10 Jump Squats


10 Step Ups

Continue with…

10 Push Ups

And finally…

10 Tricep Dips

You’re going to perform this 3x, with brief rest periods in between each set.

Watch Amanda perform a set here:

So, there you have it! Short, sweet and to the point, you’ve got your ideal way to get a quick workout in when you’re pressed for time. As you can see, Amanda demonstrates a set from the routine right here for you, which proves to be simple and sufficient all at once.



Please, comment below, tell us what you think about Amanda’s “away from the gym” routine & maybe let us know what you do when you can’t make it to class!

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