How to Slay Your Holiday Shopping

Planning a marathon shopping spree this weekend? With a couple of tips in mind, hitting the mall can be a fantastic calorie-burning opportunity. Now, get shopping and get moving – just don’t forget to tell us about any deals you find along the… Read More

Break A Sweat & Say Yes to Less Stress

Check out the top 5 reasons why fitness kickboxing can knockout your stress while  kicking-up your health:   1.    Feel the rush During HIIT, your body releases a flood of feel-good hormones called endorphins that give you a euphoric rush. When you’re stressed… Read More

Yes, You Can (And Should!) Work Out at Work

Think sitting is harmless? Think again. Sitting from 9 to 5 is sneakily sabotaging your health by increasing strain on your back, wrists eyes and neck, and making you unknowingly pack on the pounds. One study even found that sitting can increase your risk… Read More

Yes, You Can Eat Healthy Comfort Foods

File under sad-but-true: The dishes we think of as “comfort foods” tend to be unhealthy. But since when has the idea of a high-calorie, high-sodium, high-fat binge fest comforted anyone? The good news is that, with some small recipe tweaks, your old go-to… Read More

Halloween Survival 101

We’re not talking about zombie attacks or werewolf bites. We’re talking diet and exercise saboteurs! If you’ve not yet come face-to-face with bulk bags candy and the temptations within, then now is the time to prepare yourself. Halloween is coming, but we’re going… Read More

Lightening Up Fall Favorites with Teresa

With fall comes some of our favorite comfort foods – think creamy soups, hearty casseroles, buttery muffins and pies…yum. Tasty as these treats may be, most come with a hefty calorie count that could leave you struggling to fit into that Halloween costume… Read More