The inspiring fitness journey of ILoveKickboxing member, Martha Tobar

Working long hours in the entertainment industry, Martha Tobar had little to no time to exercise or eat well.

She always planned on going to the gym after work, but sometimes she got pulled into a last minute project and had to stay in the office later, while other times she was just too beat after a long day.

So she went home and ate what was easy: fried fast food. Other times she went straight for dessert, having cookies and ice cream as her main meal.

Or she’d just hit the bar and have a few drinks to blow off steam.

But then it happened: she couldn’t wear her favorite clothes anymore.

One morning, everything she tried on fit way too tight.

Her heart sank in her chest. How did this happen? She blamed herself. She blamed her job. It wasn’t fair.

Looking in the mirror, she faced head on that she had indeed gained 20 pounds.

“My cheeks looked like chipmunk cheeks!! [They were] really round. That’s the first place I start noticing weight gain,” she said.

At a mere 5 feet tall, 20 pounds was a lot for Martha to carry – especially since she suffers from asthma.

She knew she needed to make a change. Enough was enough.

She vowed to not let her busy career get in the way of her wellness.

“I tried diets, specifically Atkins, and that worked while I was doing it but once you stop everything comes back. I went to the gym a lot but I got bored. I wasn’t having fun. It was just going to the gym.”

Just drumming along on the treadmill and lifting weights wasn’t cutting it for Martha. As someone who used to play baseball and lived for active competition, she lost motivation doing the same workout every time and found herself still stuck with the extra 20 pounds on her small frame.

And then it happened:

Martha found iLoveKickboxing.

She became a member right after her first class because she just knew it would only get better from there.

It did.

Today, Martha is down 15 pounds, has gained muscle definition, and feels incredibly strong both physically and mentally.

She can also do a full split.

0U8A1275-1“It works out every muscle in my body. ILKB keeps me motivated. I always push myself to go harder, faster, and make sure I get everything right. The instructors and the members are huge support systems in helping you with your goals. They check in on you and they make sure you are doing your best.”


Martha says signing up for ILKB is one of the best decisions she has ever made.

It didn’t just give her her fitness back… It took away those miserable things she felt when she looked in the mirror and knew it was her choices that had gotten her there.

Now, she looks in the mirror and knows she’s the reason her body looks amazing and her health is back on track.

Other than the results she’s seen, Martha thanks ILKB for bringing balance to her life.

She fits her classes into her busy schedule by taking them before her workday starts. She takes the 7am class four, sometimes five times a week, and makes sure she doesn’t miss them even if she’s extremely tired.

Nowadays, Martha makes better food choices and doesn’t go out drinking like she used to.

Why would she? She has ILKB as a stress reliever.

“My mood is also a lot better because I get to hit, punch, and take out my aggression on [the bag] rather than snap at someone and get angry. I can definitely channel that elsewhere and in a more productive way!”

ILKB helped Martha finally stop making excuses and start taking responsibility. The rest was history.

Martha is just one of tens of thousands of people whose lives have changed since joining the ILKB Nation.

They are people whose weights yo-yo’d due to trendy diets that succeeded in giving them fast results but failed in leading them to maintain their new eating habits and lifestyles.

They’re people who tried going to the gym, but with no accountability, fell off their routines each and every time.

But upon joining IKLB, people like Martha don’t just find any old gym where they just scan in and scan out…

They also don’t find a Hollywood diet full of empty promises…

They find a solution.

They find a family.

They meet knowledgeable and charismatic instructors who truly care about them and their goals. Instructors check in on members whether they’re in class or not. Through Facebook messages, a phone call, even a chat before or after class, instructors assess their members progress and keep them accountable.12459746_1008499285878318_182835144_n

And members absolutely love it because they feel like they have their very own personal trainer.

Members are also encouraged by the community of other members who, like them, have decided to live healthy lifestyles. Through the friendly, caring and open environment, members feel comfortable getting to know each other during, before, and after class. Many even become great friends.

And did I mention members also see amazing results?

Members are guided through six rounds of non stop punching and kicking heavy bags.


Because resistance training helps burn more fat and calories.

Members see their confidence build  knowing they do real striking combos that professional fighters use in the ring day every time they come to class.

But that’s not all.

They are also challenged through a 15 minute calisthenic warm up that consists of push-ups, burpees, squats, and other fun, exciting exercises.

But with all that said, why are ILKB members successful in meeting their goals and motivated to keep going?

One simple thing…

Every class is different everyday.

Time and time again, people come to ILKB saying they can’t meet their goals because they get bored at the gym. So at ILKB, the variety of combos and warm-ups keep the members challenged and hungry to meet their goals.

ILKB members succeed in completely transforming their lives because they get a full body workout that burns up to 800-1000 calories, and always keeps their minds guessing.

They gain a support system of friends who not only want to see them succeed, but also encourage them to make healthy decisions.

Most importantly, they meet motivating instructors who keep them accountable.

The best part: all they have to do is show up. They just walk through that door, and our amazing instructors take care of the rest.

Martha says so herself.

So what do you say? Ready to give it a shot?

Click here to find a location near you.

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