This Fat Loss Tip Doesn’t Work Fast… It Works “OMG” Fast!

I never say “O-M-G” out loud. At least, not when other people are around. But this fat loss tip worked so well, I shouted it in a crowded theater. Okay, not really… But I wanted to! And it’s the thought that counts, right?

Okay, now before I reveal it, I have to tell you three things: 

1: It’s very simple.

2: It may seem hard at first. But if you follow this advice to the letter, you won’t even break a sweat (except for when you’re working out).

3: This is just to help you burn fat fast to get to your goal weight, or to break through a plateau. Once you reach that point, you can start adding the foods in below in moderation (note: moderation!).

Burn these foods from your diet, and the fat will follow:

– Wheat.

Yes, even whole grains. See, wheat-based products end up being “scape goat” meals. You grab a slice of bread with some stuff on it instead of making a balanced meal. Or you grab that whole wheat bagel with cream cheese and call it breakfast.

Cutting wheat will force you to make every meal balanced and whole. Plus, carbs make fat loss hard. Your body tends to rely on them instead of using your stored up energy (aka fat).

– Sugar.

Aside from fruit and vegetables, cut out sugar. No tea spoon in the old cup of coffee. No soda. Not even Gatorade (which is basically just sugar water, anyway). Sugar turns into fat. Period.

This next part might surprise you…

Replace these foods with… drum roll please… FAT! But not just any fat. Natural, wholesome fats that fill you up, nourish you, and make hunger go away, fast. Fats like:

– Peanut butter.

– Olive oil.

– Butter (real butter, with no additives).

– Sour cream.

Fats from foods like these nourish you and fill you up – without packing on the pounds. In fact, research shows that healthy, non-hydrogenated fats like the ones above actually provide you with sustaining energy.

And just as importantly, they curb your appetite fast – helping you ward off bad cravings before they even emerge.

But we’re not done just yet! Also make sure every meal has some of these…

– Fruits & veggies.

– Dark, leafy greens (kale, spinach, etc.)

These bad boys detox your body, replenish your cells with essential vitamins, and boost your energy.

And they help your metabolism and digestion too. After all, fruits and veggies are some of the most easily digested substances…

And they’re packed with amino acids that are essential to your body’s healthy functioning.

Plus, they’re just cool. I mean, they grow from the ground. You pick’em. Rinse’em. And they nourish your body. How cool is that?

And let us not forget…

Protein! Such as…

– Lean chicken.

– Lean beef.

– Tofu.

– Tuna.

– Most fish, for that matter.

Protein is going to boost your metabolism, accelerate muscle growth and repair, as well as give you energy.

So when you put it all together, your meals contain…

Wholesome fat… fruits, veggies and/or greens… protein. Everything your body needs.

Cutting carbs like wheat and sugar can cause “crashing”. This meal plan will NOT cause that! It gives your body all of the energy and carbs it needs, through different sources. 

So wipe that worry off your plate 😉

Some quick ‘n easy meals to get you started…

– Open a can of tuna. Throw it on top of dark green lettuce (i.e. spinach). Throw some olive oil and balsamic vinegar on top. Got some spare time? Chop up some veggies and fruits too and throw’em in the mix.

– Pre-cook a package of chicken breasts, seasoned with light salt & pepper. You can throw it into salads like the one above.

– Smoothie: 1 cup frozen berries… 2 tbsp. peanut butter… 1 tbsp. flax seeds (get them from any natural market like Whole Foods by the pound. Very cheap)… Water… Unsweetened almond milk (if you have it)… A dash of honey for flavor. Blend it up!

– Healthy stir fry! Throw a bag of frozen veggies into a pan with light olive oil… chop up some tofu or chicken breast and throw it in… Voila!

– Another Smoothie: 1/2 package pre-washed dark greens… 1 cup frozen berries… 1 tbsp. peanut butter… Water / unsweetened nut milk. Blend it up!

And one more thing…

Make sure to combine this nutrition plan with exercise! classes 2-3 times a week are perfect. (If you’re not a member, scroll to the top of this page and come try it out!!)

Hope you enjoyed this post! Make sure you leave a quick (or not so quick) comment before you go!

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48 Replies to “This Fat Loss Tip Doesn’t Work Fast… It Works “OMG” Fast!”

  1. a really good way to lose wiehgt without a diet is to drink 4 cups of water before every meal. this will fill you up, and youlle eat less, plus water is really good for you.couple this with the wiehgts at home, and youlle be fine.oh, and by the way, google power of ten adam zickerman and get the bookits a workout that you do twice a week for 20 minutes, and its better than the 5 day a week, hour each day routinemy dad and i have both been doing this for 2 years, and it works really really yeah, drink water before you eat to lose the extra fat, and use your wiehgts for power of 10 to get musclegood luck!!!!!hope this helps!!!!!

  2. I don’t know why the restaurant world doesn’t “get it”…We don’t need fancy sauces, filler carbs and so much SODIUM. Natural food is amazing without all that crap!!! I just wish it was more readily available outside the confines of my own fridge for days like today when I was lazy! 🙁 An apple or banana in the cafeteria is all I ASK FOR PEOPLE!

      1. I have but there isn’t one near my work :-(. Which is my weak spot! I will get the last 10-15 lbs off if it kills me!!! I also have found a number of food intolerances so bland is MUCH safer for me…who the heck is allergic to honey and turkey?!?! LOL

  3. I have been going to Kickboxing now for close to 2 months, dropped 11 lbs and I have to give myself a pat on the back today because at work right now they are having “BBQ” day with BBQ ribs, Mac & Cheese, Cornbread, etc,..and I turned it all down and had tuna fish instead, along with Strawberries and a yogurt!! They all looked at me like I was crazy, but losing the weight is more important to me than having Ribs and Mac and Cheese. Kickboxing is an amazing workout..I love it and love how I feel afterwards and can already see the difference, especially nice was to hear my boyfriend tell me that my butt is getting smaller!! LOL!!

    1. WOW! First off, congrats on your success. This just made my day. Now, about the lunch thing: You must have the willpower of a… what’s something with a ton of willpower? LOL. Anyways, whatever has a ton of willpower – you’re like that! Way to go. I feel inspired reading your post, and I’m so glad you commented because I know a ton of others out there will feel just as inspired to stay strong, too. THANK you. 🙂

      1. Thanks so much!! I don’t have the willpower of a …..(fill in blank) but I have the desire to want more for myself than Mac and cheese and Ribs. Don’t get me wrong, I cheat..but I don’t feel guitly because it’s so few and far between that it’s more like a treat than a cheat. I was going to the gym and seeing minimal results..but in the 2 months of Kickboxing I can see and FEEL the difffence and again..gotta love the boyfriend telling me my butt is looking good!! LOL! 🙂

        1. I think you are awesome!!! It’s not easy to strat out on the journey of changing your lifestyle. That does take willpower, focus & commitment. Once you feel the energy rising, the fatigue leaving & the muscles you didn’t know existed, that feeling of empowerment helps propel you into the actual change that doesn’t take as much effort to sustain. It’s a lifestyle change, making a decision to be happier (we all know when we feel good physically, it helps our mental state as well). I’m right there with you a cheat on occasion, isn’t a cheat, it’s a reminder that you are super powerful. You can eat the no so good for you stuff & walk away saying, I’m glad I did that ( not feeling guilty about it), it wasn’t too much but def just enough to support my decision to fuel my body instead of feed my face. It’s such an empowering moment in your life when you’re able to do that! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  4. You can also eat a double meat wooper with lot of french fries. Make sure to combine it with a large diet coke for balancing.

  5. Question? Are there any other substitutes for peanut butter in the above mentioned shakes? Nuts, Legumes and I are not friends . 🙁

    1. Absolutely! Amber Lynn puts cottage cheese. I prefer Greek yogurt. Anything rich in nourishing fats should do the trick ;). You can try blending an avocado too, but as it’s so thick you might need extra water.

  6. Thank you for this! I’ve been doing kick boxing 2x a week for a few months now and haven’t lost a bless-ed pound. I’ve lost inches though. Still pretty flabby. I will put this to practice and hopefully get some results!!! Keep the tips coming! 🙂

    1. Hey Sandy!

      Sometimes as your muscle mass increases – and you lose fat – your weight can remain pretty stable. Muscle weighs a lot more than fat, and these classes definitely build muscle which improves metabolism like crazy ;-). Also, nutrition is ESSENTIAL! You can think of fitness as the thing that tells your body what to do with your nutrition. So if you’re eating foods that don’t contribute to fat loss and muscle gain – there’s only so much exercise can do. Let me know if you have any questions!

      1. Why do people keep saying that? Muscle does NOT weigh less than fat. A pound of muscle & a pound of fat both weigh a pound. Muscle is more dense than fat, however, and therefore takes up less space. So, as you lose fat & gain muscle, you too will take up less space.

    1. AMEN!!! Thin feels good, strong feels AMAZING!!!!! Taste goes away after just a second. Strength lasts as long as you entertain it. Actually if you pay attention to it, when you actually have food in your mouth, the taste most people “just can’t get enough of (like those brownies or ice cream or even the potato chips) Isn’t actually that deep. It’s the brain saying “I LOVE this sooo much” because of the chemical reaction we have to sugar & salt that makes people eat mindlessly without actually tasting what’s going into their mouths. I think if people took the time to taste each bite, they would eat a lot less in 1 sitting.

  7. I lost 15 lbs over year ago through Bikram Yoga. I still want to lose more weight so I’ve been doing kickboxing for 2 months now, 2-3 times a week & I go to gym 1-2 times a week. My diet is pretty good with the exception of one or 2 cheats per week but my weight is not moving! It’s very frustrating & i dont know what more i can do.

    1. Hey Daphney!

      Sounds like you’ve hit the dreaded “plateau”. From the amount of exercise you get per week, it looks like that isn’t the issue. I’m curious about this “pretty good” diet of yours though. Would you mind posting a food log of what you eat on an average day? (And no cheating to make yourself look good! The more accurate, the better ;-)).

      Also – check out this blog post to make sure you’re getting the most out of your workouts:

      p.s. Congrats on losing that initial 15 pounds, and for keeping at it! I’m sure with a little “tweaking” you can go even further.

    2. I’ve read many books on the subject of weight loss & conversed with a few doctors & some very healthy instructors & physical trainers. The plateau is definitely real, that being said, Everyone I know that has been at the same place, that has tried a “reset” has broken that plateau. I have tried the reset from the P.I.N.K. program & lost 7 lbs. I know beachbody also has a reset program & there are some to be found on the internet. I suggest, taking a look at that & try it if you think it’s something that can help. It is very frustrating to work really hard, eat well & not lose weight. I think the caloric mix up along w the specific chemical (like acid in a lime, combined with the beta carotine in beets that gets added to the protein drink) with the reset helps switch your body into “start burning again” mode. Check it out (beachbody reset that some already healthy & in shape friends of mine have done that totally kicked their metabolism into overdrive fast) or google reset diet Best wishes in every step of your journey!

  8. I have been going to class for 3 months now and have noticed something… When I’m kickboxing, I can’t eat bad or I am going to feel awful for my workout! And since I love my workout so much, I won’t jeopardize it with bad for me food! I have lost 20lbs and 8 inches so far, but I have gained so much… Gained stamina, self-respect, self-control, and new friends in my instructors! What more could a girl ask for?

  9. I started kick boxing seven months ago. I have lost more than 25 pounds and have never felt better! I turned 50 this week and cannot imagine my life without ILKB. My body shape is changing and I can hang with those much younger in class. I LOVE IT!!!! The change in diet and the exercise program really does work!

  10. Hello. What about guacamole — home made or potatoes? Do you mean we cannot have not even a slice of bread with eggs in the morning?
    Do you have some kind of menu that you can suggest as a ‘go-by’…
    If we want to have yogurt, do we have to stick to plain, low fat? or flavors are ok? And what would you recommend as a sweetener? Is honey or agave nectar ok?
    Thank you!

    1. Hey Carmen!

      Guac is fine – nothing wrong with avocadoes, tomato, onion & olive oil ;-). However, for this particular diet, you can’t have bread!

      As far as yogurt goes, we recommend non-fat Greek. Flavored yogurts tend to be flavored with chemicals and additives that slow your body down and make fat loss more difficult. Either that, or they’re loaded with added sugars.

      To flavor it yourself, add a SMALL amount of honey, agave or stevia. While agave is a “low glycemic” food – it’s pure fructose (fruit sugar). Too much fructose overloads your liver, which just converts the excess into stored fat.

      Then, throw some berries or banana slices into the mix, and you’ve got yourself a delicious snack ;-).

      Let us know if you have any other questions!

      1. Thank you for your suggestions. Is it ok to have let’s say potatoes? like steamed or boiled?
        What about papaya with yogurt as breakfast?
        How many times a day should we be eating?
        Can you recommend any snacks?
        Sorry for all these questions!

        1. For this diet, I’d avoid potatoes as they’re very starchy and carb-filled. Papaya is great! You want to eat 3 main meals, with snacks in between (should work out to every 3-4 hours, and 5-6 meals).

          And no apologies necessary! I’m so glad to see how passionate you are about getting this right! 🙂

          1. Thank you for being so patient!

            What about cheese of any kind?
            Can we get creative? How about steam zucchini, blended with non fat milk, onion, serrano peppers and broccoli? As a soup? If that is ok, then I can make that with beans too…can we have black beans?

  11. Hi! Thank you for this article!

    Question for you. How about eating something like Rice noodles?

    I am trying the no wheat/whole grains for the next 10 days and see how I feel. That being said I had Vietnamse pho soup which uses rice noodles. I asked for light noodles though.

    Could you guys be willing to add more recipe ideas?

    Thank you for you help!


  12. I kinda followed the salad idea today….wanna throw this out there and see if I did ok?? spinach salad with grape tomatoes, cucumbers, mushroooms and carrots, with Teriyaki Chicken ( about 1/2 cup cooked/cubed), About 1tbsp low fat crumbled bleu cheese and about 2 tbsp low fat Ceasar. Well, how’d I do today??

      1. Right on!! I’d say “you da man” but, well, you know LOL. Anyways, awesome job! Keep it up and I’ve no doubt you’ll reach your goals. Also Amber Lynn (our official ILKB fitness model & brand ambassador) chimed in below with some cool suggestions 🙂

        Have fun at KB!

  13. Hi Carmen,

    Some suggested snacks are as follows:

    Greek yogurt or 1 cup cottage cheese with one tablespoon of all natural peanut or almond butter ( if you use the fruit kind, it tastes like PB&J; however there is more sugar)
    Greek yogurt plain, or cottage cheese, with cinnamon and Truvia (natural sweetener); this combo has less sugar
    Celery, 4 Ritz crackers, or 1 rice cake with 2 tablespoons of all natural peanut or almond butter
    1/2 of an avocado
    A large handful of almonds; approximately 24-26
    1 cup of your favorite vegetable with 3 tablespoons of any light dressing
    1 scoop of protein powder mixed with 8 oz of almond, soy, rice, or 2% skim milk

    Remember, with snacks, it’s something small to keep your body moving and helps to control the amount of food you eat at your next meal. 🙂

    I hope this helps!

    1. Thank you Amber.

      What about cheese of any kind?
      Can we get creative? How about steam zucchini, blended with non fat milk, onion, serrano peppers and broccoli? As a soup? If that is ok, then I can make that with beans too…can we have black beans? Lentils?

      Thank you!

      1. Yes, beans are great! I love black beans and add them to my salads on carb day. Lentils are great and packed with protein. Cheese is good in moderation. Just add a little for taste. The rest of it sounds yummy!!! 🙂

  14. Hi D Rat!

    Although rice noodles are low in fat, they are very high in carbohydrates. There are 192 calories in 1 cup of Rice Noodles (Cooked).
    Calorie breakdown: 2% fat, 95% carbs, 3% protein. If you are not concerned with the amount of carbs you intake, then rice noodles are a better alternative to rice and pasta. Are you looking for recipes for rice noodles, or just healthy recipes in general?

    1. Hi Amber Lynn,

      I am looking for healthy recipes in general.

      For Breakfast I did the Smoothie recommended and added 1/4 cup of cottage cheese (and I cannot eat cottage cheese) but it was fine in the smoothie. For lunch I did a sun dried tomato cannellini bean tuna salad with basil and balsamic. Dinner is going to be a polenta stack with marinara sauce and veggies.

      My goal is to do the wheat free that was recommended. I take it that rice noodles and pasta is out as a meal option??

      Thanks for your help!

      1. I’m glad you liked the cottage cheese choice in the smoothie. I tell people that do not like cottage cheese that you can’t even taste it. I also use the plain Greek yogurt because it’s low in sugar. If you add other items such as cinnamon, it hides the tart taste. 🙂 I have been adding cinnamon to a lot of mixes lately such as in my shakes for that “fall” flavor. 🙂 Your lunch and dinner choices are great! I use zucchini with marinara sauce with a sprinkle of natural parmesan cheese. Another great choice is spaghetti squash rather than noodles. Try that recipe instead of rice noodles or pasta. It tastes great with ground turkey mixed with sauce. Let me know! 🙂

  15. Hi Michele!

    Your salad choice is awesome! You can even add avocado to the mix. Avocados provide nearly 20 essential nutrients, including fiber, potassium, Vitamin E, B-vitamins and folic acid. They also act as a “nutrient booster” by enabling the body to absorb more fat-soluble nutrients, such as alpha and beta-carotene and lutein, in foods that are eaten with the fruit. If you like nuts, you can even add about 1/4 of a cup of walnuts or almonds. This adds more protein to your salad. I try to create different salads so they don’t become so boring. 🙂 Beast out at KB!

    1. Hey Amber!!
      Thanks!! I am actually not a huge fan of Avacado..I know how good it is for you but I’m a fussing (pain in the butt) eater when it comes to certain things. But, I am loving the idea of walnuts or almonds!! YUM!! Sounds to me like I’m hitting the food store tonight after KB to get some for tomorrow’s salad. I am going to also pick up some Balsamic salad dressing, gonna give it a shot. Never had it before but I hear it’s good on salad and to cook chicken in.

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