They’re here! Your winners for the latest $25,000, 45-Day Body Transformation Contest! (Pics inside!)

If you could change anything in your life, what would it be?

Losing weight?

Gaining more confidence?

Winning $20,000!?

Well, the top seven winners of our 4th iLoveKickboxing 45-Day Body Transformation Contest can tell you that these things are more than possible.

They’ve gotten complete makeovers of their lives by breaking unhealthy habits, achieving better results than they could have ever imagined, and now have a whole new outlook on life too.

And they’re not the only ones.

Over 4,000 people took the challenge – but only a few could win the $25,000 in cash prizes.

So how did we choose the winners?


It was tough… but after much deliberation, our winners were picked based on 3 factors:


1. The overall appearance of their before and after photos (just wait and see below!)

2. Pounds lost

3. And what the person went through on the inside to achieve their goals.

Because the transformation wasn’t just physical – it was mental too.

So you might be thinking: “How did I NOT know about this contest!?”

No worries if you missed this one. We’ll run the contest again in June.

That’s right. You get a chance to get the body of your dreams and $20,000! (That’s the 1st place prize!)

Meanwhile – to inspire your own fitness journey – here are the amazing stories of our 7 winners.


1st Place: $20,000: Heather Nicotera Lost 18 Pounds!



Heather was at a plateau.

No matter what she did she remained the same weight for a long time. She felt unmotivated and her confidence was down.

But the 45 day challenge proved she could lift herself back up.

“I get up early every day (which I’ve never been good with). I look forward to working out which is what kept me motivated to also stick to a clean diet…Sometimes I’d just be on ‘autopilot’ and drive straight there…I just think about how awesome I feel after each class and force myself to get in there!

“I not only reached my goals, but I surpassed them!!! I am in the best shape of my life, my confidence is shining and I’m excited and motivated to continue getting stronger and healthier… because of all the positive advice and support I get from the ILKB staff and the members, I am an all around happier person.”


2nd Place: $3,000: Sean Scott Lost 13 Pounds!




It used to be hard for Sean to say no sweets.

Cookies, ice cream, you name it – he gave in almost every time. This habit was stopping him from being in the best shape of his life.

But the challenge helped him kick his cravings to the curb.  

“The biggest challenge I had was the eating part of it. I have a big sweet tooth so the temptation was constantly there…I just asked myself ‘is that worth 20 grand?’ It’s amazing when you say that to yourself how the craving goes away!

The more I went to class, ate healthy and worked out, the better I felt… Everything is a noticeable change in my body. Arms, shoulder and back are more toned and my abs are really showing now!…I feel healthier and have a ton more energy.”


3rd Place: $1,000: Joice Vicentem Lost 25 Pounds!




Joice never weighed so much in her life.

Her confidence was low, she had trouble sleeping and depended on cups and cups of coffee to keep her up throughout the day.

She knew she needed a change.

My life from the past years until now was very busy and stressful. Because of that I totally stopped taking care of my health and my body.When I found out about this contest, I felt a click that this was the moment I was waiting for. I felt that with kickboxing I could change for real. I decided to join and give it a chance.

I feel so much stronger than before. I have energy and I no longer have insomnia. In general I feel incredibly happy.”


4th Place: $250: Allyson Dosreis Lost 20 Pounds!




Allyson hadn’t been to the gym in over a year.

Her blood pressure and cholesterol were high and she also weighed just as much if not heavier than she did when she was pregnant 10 years ago.

These are no longer problems.

“At 33 years old I felt like this is my time to push forward and turn around the bad habits I had started…I was barely fitting in my size 10 jeans on new years and now I’m comfortable in size 6 jeans. My face is slimmer and I’ve been told I look younger…I knew these changes would feel good but I had no idea how good.

I feel like I have learned so much and have gained confidence in my ability to inspire others and get into better shape than I imagined on day one. I have made it a challenge of my own to continue this challenge, workout 5 days a week and continue to have a clean eating plan.”


5th Place: $250: Zack Lewis Lost 24 Pounds!




Zack just wanted to be fit again.

He let his weight get too high. It kind of depressed him just how unhealthy he felt.

But now he’s one of the most happiest people ever.

“I’m more active. When I get home, I tend to want to go out and do more social activities. I’m really a lot happier than I was previously.

Everything just looks incredible…I lost the weight that was under my arms and all around my mid section. My legs and arms are stronger. They look it too.”


6th Place: $250: Hope Yang Lost 20 Pounds!




Being a stay at home mom, Hope barely did anything for herself.

After having her second child, she just wanted to fit in her favorite jeans again.

Hope knew she had to put herself first for once.

“This challenge was great for me because it made me make myself a priority which I’m not usually good about doing. What I mean by that was I didn’t feel I ‘deserved’ to take the time away from my family to work out. After seeing how great I felt to go to class, I realized that I did deserve the time away from home and how beneficial it was for me.

I’m also very proud of myself for sticking with it and eating clean for as long as I did. My husband even lost weight as a result!”


7th Place: $250: Jenny Lowe Lost 28 Pounds




It was hard for Jenny to start all over again.

Having tried other workouts and diets that failed, Jenny lost motivation.

All she wanted was to see a change.

“As exciting as a cash prize would be, I think I entered the competition to find a source of motivation…I thought the competition would push me outside my comfort zone in a way I couldn’t do on my own.

I have lost a lot of inches in my mid section, which is where I carry most of my weight. I can start to see my abs coming through. I have shrunk a dress size or two, and all my clothes are loose and falling off, even some of my once tight leggings.”


Wow. Can we get a round of applause for everyone who participated in the 45 day contest?

They all took a chance and pushed themselves past their limits.

Now they’ve started to live the lives they’ve always dreamed of: Healthy, happy, and hopeful for even more greatness.

While the cash was a great motivator – as you can see from their stories, they gained so much more.

This could be you!

Don’t forget we’ll be running the contest again in June.

Like us on Facebook for more details!

And get ready to start a healthy, kickass lifestyle.


Meanwhile – leave a comment below and let these fine guys and gals know how proud you are of them!


I know they’ll GREATLY appreciate your words!

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  1. Congratulations everyone! Enjoy all the wonderful benefits of the changes you made and make sure to treat yourself to something nice. Like some new clothes for the new body! Great job!

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