Want to Win $20,000 and Transform Your Life?

We’re super excited to announce that registration for the 45 Day Transformation contest begins on September 1, 2016, but you can sign up for alerts starting today!

Each year, thousands of iLoveKickboxing members across the country make the determination to lead with their chin and change their lifestyle!

We’ll be in your corner throughout the contest to offer inspiration, motivation and support. So, throw your hat in the ring – registration ends September 8! We can’t wait to see your transformations!

Comment below and tell us how $20,000 would change YOUR life!



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10 Replies to “Want to Win $20,000 and Transform Your Life?”

  1. 20,000 thousand dollars would change my life immensely! One of the hardest obstacles is overcoming stress, and financial stressors are the worst! ILKB has allied me to release my built up stress in a very fit and fun way and winning the 20,000 would truly wipe out my financial debt! Debt free, stress free, that is the motivation I will be using to achieve my own goals of a healthier me for me and my family!!

  2. How would that kind of money impact my life well first it would help pay off some debts. And let me put up some savings for grandchildren. But most of all this challenge is for me a xhance to inprove my mind,body,and soul. I am 46 and my mother passed away at 50 from heart attack. I am determined to outlive her .unless the good lord above has a different plan.

  3. Wow…thats a lot of money. I would set up a special needs trust for my son. Set aside some nest egg money for my daughter to help her get her adult life started (when she’s ready). Then I would use the rest to pay down debt and maybe get myself a new pair of heels and a new pair of gloves!

  4. $20.000 would definitely give my family’s finances some breathing room. We live pay check to pay check as most families do but we always manage to make things work. However, it would be a gift to have some extra to pay some things off or down or to even spoil my kids a little.

    While the money would be tremendous the true gift of being able to get into shape and to have a support team would mean more than I could ever express. At 45 I am in probably the worst shape of my life and lack inner motivation to take the necessary steps. I need people around me to motivate and push me!!

  5. If I win the true prize would be me being more fit and healthy. But the $20, 000 would help pay for my sons Graduate School which would be amazing.

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