You Could Win $5,000! Introducing Our 45-Day Body Transformation Contest!

Registration is now OPEN!!!

Click here to register:
Contest Registration.

– Step 1: Fill in the first form to create your account.

– Step 2: You will be taken to the contest entry form. You must fill the form out in its entirety, and upload your starting photo (as mentioned in the contest details below)!

Note: All measurements are in American standard, inches for height, and pounds for weight.

In case you missed it, contest details are below! Good luck!

The 1st 45-DayBody Transformation Contest is here. It starts May 19, 2013, so if you’re serious about burning fat, getting healthy, and transforming your body, mind & life – read on. This is for you…

By the way… There are 10 prizes in total! They range from $5,000 to $100. Details are in this blog post…


The 45-Day Body Transformation Challenge is designed to help all contestants win. How? Because whether or not you win prizes, you win weight loss, health & FUN.
(With that said, there are some pretty awesome prizes! Read on for details.)

You get added accountability. You get a new community amongst all competitors. And you get to watch your body change before your eyes.

Transformations are judged in 3 ways:

  1. 1. Change in appearance
  2. 2. Pounds lost
  3. 3. Personal growth

Notice that how many pounds you lose is NOT the deciding factor! It’s just one factor. That’s because someone who is very overweight can lose pounds much more easily than someone who is not very overweight. That’s why we judge transformations in more in-depth ways.

The following are instructions and information on each part.

Part I: Appearance

To judge your appearance, you will take a photograph at the start and end of the contest (before & after photos). 

Your photographs must be with a newspaper!

This is the only way we can verify when the photo was taken.

Follow these sample pictures to take your own pictures.

Guidelines for Women:

– Two-piece swimsuit is acceptable
– Sports bra and short gym shorts (like in the picture) are acceptable

Guidelines for Men:

– No shirt
– Short gym shorts are acceptable
– Boxer briefs are acceptable

“Why such a strict dress code?”

To judge your transformation accurately, we need to see it! This is really the only way.

Photos must be taken no earlier than May 18. 

Part II: Pounds Lost

This one is pretty self-explanatory. You weigh yourself at the very beginning of the contest, and at the end. Then, you tell us how many pounds lighter you are ;-).

Part III: Your Story

Finally, at the end of the contest, you’ll record a video of yourself talking about any personal transformations you encountered throughout the challenge. If you dealt with painful emotions, experienced a newfound freedom, broke through food addictions, conquered challenges and cravings or anything else – this is the place to share it.

A video recording is mandatory! You may ALSO send a written piece in addition if you’d like.

Here are some questions to help you along:

– What motivated you to buckle down and lose the weight NOW?
– Why now? Why this contest? What changed?
– What obstacles did you overcome to make it through the challenge?
– How do you feel now? Are you proud of yourself? Are you disappointed?
– What kind of results did you get? How many pounds did you lose? What changes did your body undergo?

Don’t hold back! Your story is just as important as your physical results.

Also, make sure you’re wearing your branded gloves and any apparel you have (i.e. t-shirt). 

You can use a smart phone, web cam, or camcorder. Film yourself in GOOD lighting. Don’t film yourself in a dark room, for example. Outside, in natural sunlight, is best.

It’s okay if you don’t have a high-quality camera. What’s important is your message.

The Prizes 😉

Let’s not forget the amazing prizes.

– 1st Place: $5,000!
– 2nd Place: $1,000
– 3rd Place: $500

But it doesn’t stop there…

– 4th, 5th & 6th place: $200
–  7th, 8th, 9th & 10th place: $100

There are 10 prizes in total!

Entering the Contest & Submitting Your Results

On May 19th, we’ll post the registration link where you can sign up!

That website will have everything you need to enter the contest, upload your photos and submit your results.

Start + End Dates

The contest begins: May 19, 2013 at 12:00am EST

The contest ends: July 3, 2013 at 11:59pm EST

Deadline for turning in your photos and other deliverables: July 9th, 11:59pm EST

You can enter the contest late, but you can’t finish late!

Cost = FREE!

You just have to be an member!

Required Workouts.

An average of 2 workouts per week are required. This means that to qualify for the contest, you must attend 12 ILKB classes throughout the 6 weeks of the contest.

KEYS for Success

Nutrition is key for doing well in the transformation. In fact, someone who ate right their entire life, and never exercised, would look much better than someone who exercised daily and ate junk food every day!

Think about that. Nutrition + exercise is the winning combination. But nutrition is just as important–if not more so–than exercise.

Exercise is still CRITICAL though. We recommend no less than 3 workouts per week for the competition. has prepared this guide for you to help you make the right food choices throughout the challenge.

Click to download the meal plan & nutrition guide: MealPlan


Whether or not you win any prizes, the most important thing you will win is HEALTH, toned muscle, and ENERGY. You can’t lose in this contest.

You can either win, or win and get awesome prizes too .

Try your hardest. It’s just 45 days out of your life. Buckle down for these 45 days, and give it all that you’ve got. If you need help, your instructors will be happy to help keep you motivated and inspired every step of the way.

45 days from May 19, you can look back and think, “$%#@, I actually did it!” Or you can think, “I wish I did it.”

Which will it be? Ball’s in your court.

We’ve got your back, like always. If you need support, encouragement or advice, we’re here for you.


Post them below!

Good Luck!!!

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156 Replies to “You Could Win $5,000! Introducing Our 45-Day Body Transformation Contest!”

        1. Hey Heidi!

          Definitely consult your doctor on this, as this does not replace advice from a medical professional, but a lot of the guidelines in the meal plan from this blog post are about eating low glycemic foods – which has been shown to be helpful for diabetics to regulate their blood sugar! 🙂

          1. Thank you!! I will continue with what I’m doing and more!!! Yep low glycemic is what I do already!!!

            Thanks again!!!

      1. It’s the 18th can I take my photo today with today’s newspaper and submit it tomorrow morning? Does that count? Or does it need May 19th’s newspaper?

      2. I cannot seem to register….when I try to log in it reboots me to the page of the email address and password. Over and over…..what can I do?

  1. I joined I love kickboxing from Groupon. I only went once, do I have to go back to that original location? Or can I go to another I Love Kickboxing location? I bought 5 classes in March and only went to 1 so far.

      1. So does that mean the people that were introduced to i love kickboxing through groupon cannot join in the 45-day challenge? Just a little confused…

  2. When you say three ILKB workouts a week, would a double (two classes back to back) count as one or two? Just trying to figure my scheduling! 🙂

  3. I’d like to know the same! I bought a package in Johnston location a loooong time ago, but there are now closer locations to me that I would want to go to. So can I go to different locations even though I already bought at one location?

    1. Hey Ariel!

      You absoutely can :-). That’s one of the benefits of 250+ locations around the world. Just talk to your instructors over at Johnston and tell them which location you’d like to move your package to.

  4. I haven’t gone to class in 2 1/2 months though my membership is active. Been looking for a motivating factor to get me back to class. Accountability has always been the key for me. This contest provides just that. Thank you! No more excuses. I’m going to sign up and GET GOING!!!

  5. I am so excited to join this challenge, but I have never been to one of your kickboxing classes. Am I able to register for your classes after May 19th? Or do I have to be a member prior to May 19th?

  6. I am in I need to lose a least 25 lb. Please take me in!
    How can I register ? I don’t want to wait till MAy 19

  7. It says start date is may 19th at noon. Do we need to upload “before” picture right then when we sign in and sign up for the challenge? Im going to be at a bridal shower that day and dont want to miss the chance to sign up. Just wondering if I’ll be able to upload the picture that evening or if it all has to be done at initial sign up at noon? Thanks!

    1. Also..if we got the email does that mean we’re a member of Just want to be sure Im a member…I think I am?

        1. i was wondering if i bought a 35 class card does that make me a member? or is just for the people that have an unlimited membership

      1. The only link I can find is for registration. What’s the address for where to view /update our contest profile after the fact with photos, etc?

  8. So if you buy the 5 classes online through the web special then buy additional ones to add up to 12 does this count as being a member?!

    1. Hi Meghan!

      No, those are just trials for the program so you can make sure you absolutely love it. If after your trial you decide to sign up for a membership, then you’ll be a member 🙂

      (Also, trials are limited 1 per person)

      1. Ahh!! I’ve done the trial before but only for 1 class and I believe it expired, but can I use that TOWARDS the 12 classes? I wish I knew this 🙁

  9. I’ll be out of town when the contest ends. If I take my “after” picture on the final day, how long will I have after July 3 to submit the picture and video?

      1. Yes, I would like to know as well. I’ll be away the week of July 3rd. I’ll be able to take a photo but not upload it until later that week.

    1. Hey Jenn!

      The pictures are mainly just for the judges, so they can determine the top 10 transformations. Some may be used later on to help encourage others to join future contests and such! 🙂

      1. Can we opt not to share our photos and video? i dont think im confortable with that but i am 100% ready for 5/19

  10. I plan to sign up for the contest but I had a few questions…

    1. does the newspaper in the picture have to be May 19th paper for start picture and July 3rd paper for end picture? or is it that you have to hold the same newspaper in start picture and end picture?

    2. is ok to submit results before July 3rd? (due to going out of the country and returning the day contest closes.)

    1. Hey Lorie!

      1. It can be any day from May 18th onward. We track your results starting the date of the pic.

      2. Yes, but you’ll lose that time that you could have spent transforming even more! You can take your “after” pic on July 3rd.

  11. Other than for the judging, will our photos, weights or videos be in used in any other way? If so, in what ways? Would like to participate but not sure I want my photos out there for everyone to see!

    1. Hey Julie!

      Thanks for posting your concern.

      Our HQ will be using images to promote the results of their program. They will most likely only use the winners and finalists but may decide to use others that had dramatic and successful transformations. 🙂

  12. I signed up through but the club is called victory kickboxing, do I still qualify?? From San Antonio, Tx btw

  13. Hello,
    Does everybody get to see the before picture? Or it is only revealed after the person wins the contest. Sorry I’m a little shy 🙂

    1. Hey Maggie!

      Thanks for posting your concern 🙂

      Our HQ will be using images to promote the results of the program. They will most likely only use the winners and finalists but may decide to use others that had dramatic and successful transformations 🙂

      Either way, nothing will be shown until after the contest is over!

  14. For the challenge, can a person also do additional exercises in conjunction with the kickboxing classes? For instance, maybe 30 minutes of cardio 4 days a week or it can only be from the classes? I usually walk for 30 minutes in the late afternoon. Is that acceptable?

    1. Hey Murielle!

      I’d definitely check with your doctor to see what exercises you can and cannot do. Then, talk to your kickboxing instructors and they can give you alternate exercises that wont’ hurt your knee! 🙂

  15. I’m 59 years young & totally addicted to ILKB classes. This contest provides the additional motivation I need to release 7#s and get some more muscle definition. I’m in!

  16. How do I become a member? The only thing I see on the site for my location is for a 3 class special.

    1. Hey Jennifer!

      So first you take our 3 or 5 class special to make sure you absolutely love it. Then, at any point during or after the trial, you sign up for a full membership with any of your instructors 🙂

  17. I have 2 questions regarding the 45 day kickboxing challenge:

    One, I was wondering if I pay for membership and sign up for 2 or 3 months, if that begins after the challenge ends? (It states above that the challenge is free so I was wondering how that works).

    Two, I know that the rules require an attendance of 2 times a week minimum and I can make it 2+ times every week but there may be ONE week only that I may be out of town. Is that a deal breaker?

    Thank you,

    Jodi Egg

    1. Hey Jodi!

      The contest is free for our members! They do not have to pay any additional fees to enter. However, our classes do require a paid membership.

      If you’ll be out of town for 1 week, try and get 2 extra ILKB workouts in during the weeks that you’ll be here. So if for 2 weeks, you go 3 times a week, then that covers the 2 times you would’ve gone to class when you were out of town 😉

  18. We have to take 2/3 classes per week or 12 classes per the challenge ? I will be away from my ILKB location for 2 weeks but still want to do this challenge …

  19. Need downtown- midtown slc locations for classses 🙂 im there after work if u can do classes that aren’t so far away. Please consider. Thx

  20. Please get a location downtown slc, or mid-town like sugarjouse. I have 5 of us that will come. For sure! 😉

  21. My membership is soon to be expired but I want to join the challenge, can I buy the 65 classes and still be considered a member?

  22. The location I’m hoping to join will no longer be affiliate with after the end of the month? They will still be offering kickboxing classes. Am I still allowed to participate in the contest?

      1. I just wanted to make sure that I could enter the contest. I went ahead and submitted an entry and m going to the location tomorrow.

  23. I’ve been wanting to join ILKB for awhile….do I have to be registered in classes first? It’s already the 18th, I’m not sure if I can get down there to register for membership before the contest starts.

  24. Does Krav Maga classes count as the three classes.
    Because I normally go to two Krav Maga classes and a kickboxing class per week. I drive 50 miles one way to class. So if my Krav Maga classes count I’m in.

  25. I def want to sign up, but I cant seem to get a schedule for the only place near me which is in Peabody, MA. Every time I go into this website it takes me to Derry NH and it wont let me change locations and says “you are already subscribed” when I try to change places . Ive called the business twice and they were closed both times. I cant sign up if I dont know when classes will be. Can someone tell me a way to find out. Its a little frustrating.

  26. I am in as a cheerleader for all my cohorts at 168th- I will be motivated to work hard myself but will not officially be in the contest. Good Luck to ALL…. rah, rah ree, Kick ’em in the knee. Rah, rah, rass, kick ’em in the other knee.

  27. Is there going to be a place to record what classes/exercise we’ve done? How do you know if someone has done the 12 ILKB classes?

  28. I tried to register and it just keeps saying required fields need to be filled in but they are. Will I be notified when registration is complete?

  29. Hi there,

    I’m just registering now-but it looks like I’ve hit a snag…how do I go about measuring my body fat percentage?


  30. Is there a way I can change the city trained ? I found out I picked the wrong one. I want the credit to go to the correct location.

  31. So I have my pic with the newspaper, but date on newspaper is not clear….do I need to take another photo or will one I have suffice? Thanks!

  32. I signed up yesterday, but got an email today saying the contest has already started, but I could still sign up. Is that just a general mass email? (It looks like there is no email verification saying you entered)

  33. Hi, To whom it may concern, I’m a type 2 diabetic, who weighes over 300pds.I would love to turn my life around, and maybe in turn someone else one day. Thoughfully Your Marcus.

  34. I have to go searching for a newspaper. I uploaded a random photo of myself, but can I replace it when I go buy a paper in the next day or two?

  35. So excited!! Does anyone have any awesome KB pix that I can add to my screen saver so I can stare at what my awesome abs will be in 6 wks??

  36. Hiiiii everyone!! that 45 day challenge sounds sooo good to me. i really really want to try. do u you think its gonna work for those who haven’t done these classes before. i mean i used to do kickboxing classes before but it was kinda long time ago. thank u!

  37. I’m really looking forward to this contest! I am a little concerned, I am a a naturally skinny guy, so there is not much room for my waist to go down or much weight for me to lose, especially if I gain muscle, but I am glad to see that you will me looking at appearance and judging our stories. Will you also look at performance stats ie: running times, lifting capacity, competitions records, etc?

    1. Hey Cap’n,

      Exactly – it’s about a lot more than how many pounds you lost. If you had a dramatic inner and outer transformation – you could very well win.

      No, we won’t be judging those other elements. Most contestants will only be doing classes for their workouts, so it wouldn’t be fair to judge performance on outside exercises 😉

      Good luck!!!

  38. I already entered my information for the contest, however I did not see a price for it how much is the total cost? I am planning to start on Monday 5/27/13 at the Bethpage location. Thanks

  39. Hello,
    I filled out my registration for the 45 day challenge the day it was available but didn’t get my picture up loaded before the cut off time of 12am eastern.
    Is there anyway you will still accept my picture so I can still participate, please??

  40. I am too late to start this challenge, next one I’m up for it!!! I’ve been doing I love kickboxing for a month now and I <3 it !!! When's the next challenge? Ill mark it on my calendar.

  41. Where and when can we upload the final results?? I have my video,. afer pics and written submission all ready to go but I am having difficulty finding where we submit these? Thanks! -Q

  42. Hi, I was wondering how we’re supposed to post our pictures and videos from the challenge. I know a lot of people have been asking on FB, but when I log in to my profile from the challenge there’s nothing about posting our new things. Can you help?

  43. Having trouble up loading my video but I sent all other stuff needed just in case. Don’t want to be counted out of the contest. My video was taken with my iphone and was only two minutes long??

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